Visigoth release strong debut

US-quintet Visigoth is now around for almost five years. After they have grasped local fame in their home town of Salt Lake City and extended their reach on a national level the band scored a record deal with mighty Metal Blade. The classic metal outfit has now released their debut full-length album ‘The Revenant King’.

Visigoth is all about traditional heavy metal. The album opener and title track ‘The Revenant King’, an 8-minute epic, starts with a classic metal riff. The guitars have a somewhat darker sound than you would expect which works perfectly. Singer Jake Rogers tunes in with his dark yet melodic voice. In the second song ‘Dungeon Master’ the band gets into second gear. This up-tempo track makes you feel like it is 1984 again, galloping rhythm section, a harmonic and catchy refrain and gang vocals are just some of the ingredients of Visigoth’s sound.

With ‘Mammoth Rider’ follows a long-time live favourite of the band. The song is one of the slower songs on ‘The Revenant King’ yet it is still very heavy. ‘Blood Sacrifice’ reminds you of the early Iron Maiden. After the ballad-like slow intro the band charges ahead with twin-axe melodies and fast riffs. ‘Iron Brotherhood’ slows down the tempo a little again which works well. The band has a variety of different speeds, song structures and harmonies. This keeps the album fresh and interesting throughout.

‘Necropolis’, the only shorter song with just over three minutes, is a classic metal rocker that could have been the opener of the album and that should be a neck-breaker at their shows.  ‘Vengeance’ even tops this. The song includes more of the galloping rhythms intertwined with more groovy parts and short twin-axe melodies. ‘Creature Of Desire’ continues down the path of traditional metal features and includes the most dynamic and dramatic guitar solos of the entire album. Visigoth then finish the album with the epic 10-minute ‘From The Arcane Mists Of Prophecy’. The song is one of the highlights of the album featuring more of the band’s trademark sounds.

Visigoth have released one of the strongest debut albums of recent years. Fans of classic metal should find anything they desire on it. There is not a single weak track among the nine songs on ‘The Revenant King’. This album is a feast for classic metal fans. Surely Visigoth cannot re-write the history of classic metal. However, they have produced an album of great quality with elaborate song structures (only two songs are under six minutes), high-quality musicianship and a heavy sound. If you like the early Iron Maiden, Dio and Accept you will find a lot you like on this album.


8.5 of 10