New Twitching Tongues Album Is Their Strongest

LA-based quintet Twitching Tongues, formed in 2010, has already released their third full-length album. ‘Disharmony’ is the title of their newest opus and the first one released on Metal Blade. The band’s previous records ‘Sleep Therapy’ and ‘In Love There Is No Law’ as well as their relentless touring schedule have earned them a spot in the first league of metal.

Twitching Tongues’ music has been described as being not categorisable. The same is true for ‘Disharmony’. The music constantly switches between different music styles and sub-genres. The band themselves describe their music simply as hardcore and metal. This is probably the easiest approach. The music is certainly hardcore and metal and it includes references to metalcore, thrash metal (every now and then a Slayer-riff comes through), doom, groove, a little bit sludge and stoner… The list goes on and on and even extends to influences like Depeche Mode and early Sisters Of Mercy in the industrial electronic ‘Arrival’.

‘Disharmony’ is an album that you need to give time. The more you listen to it the more it will grow on you. The ten songs demand full attention to detail and patience from the listener. That starts with the title track ‘Disharmony’ which is exactly that… disharmonic. Vocals and riffs don’t seem to groove and only after a few listens the track reveals its cohesiveness.

The other noticeable feature of the album is that it is the heaviest and darkest we have heard from Twitching Tongue so far. Guitars are raw and powerful and offer a lot of heavy riffs, doom melodies and hook lines. Adding to the dark atmosphere are the lyrics. Singer Colin Young, responsible for the lyrics, seems to have been affected by a recent break up of a long-term relationship as well as other demons he seems to battle with. Songs like ‘Insincerely Yours’, ‘Love Conquers None’ and ‘The End Of Love’ are testament to that.

It took a while before I got into the album. However, once I was through the first, cumbersome appearance of ‘Disharmony’, I really started enjoying it. The album shines through the level of detail and different references to different sub-genres and styles. Best track on the album is the last song ‘Cruci-Fiction’, an 8-minute doom epic, which leaves you exhausted and in a state of despair. ‘Disharmony’ is one of the strangest albums of 2015 but certainly worth giving a go.

7.5 of 10

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