Thy Art Is Murder – Miami Tavern, Gold Coast 23/07/16

After some relentless touring overseas Thy Art Is Murder came back to Australia to tour again around the country. This time they were playing some of the locations that not always get to see metal acts. With them on tour were Wollongong-based extreme metal artists Graves and chicken metal act I, Valiance. Last Saturday night the tour stopped on the Gold Coast for a gig at the Miami Tavern.

Before the main bands entered the stage local band Deceiver got the chance to present their work. After a break from playing live for two years Deceiver didn’t appear to be too rusty. The band certainly has potential. Hopefully they get to play more gigs in the coming months.

Next up were I, Valiance from Melbourne and the intensity immediately increased. I, Valiance call their music digital chicken metal which I am not quite sure how to classify. If you haven’t heard the band before you can imagine their music as a blend of metalcore with some aggressive Ministry-sounds on steroids and the occasional digital input. However, the punters at the Miami Tavern didn’t care what to call the music but had massive fun instead. For the first time that night a small pit formed. I, Valiance are a well-seasoned band. Their stage show is intense and unique with some refreshing sounds and moves.

i valiance

I, Valiance live at Miami Tavern

Graves are around for five years now and their show was equally professional. Their more straight forward sound is dominated by two 8-string guitar which makes their music extremely groovy with big riffs that punch you in your gut. Graves brought the next level of musicianship to the Gold Coast that night without letting the intensity drop. The well-rehearsed performance set a different tone compared to the more chaotic stage presence of I, Valiance. Both bands played extreme music at its best and were the perfect warm-up for the main act.


Graves live at Miami Tavern

Thy Art Is Murder Gallery

As if the intensity wasn’t already high enough Thy Art Is Murder put some more fuel on the fire. The music now steered more towards deathcore and death metal in a more traditional sense. And Thy Art Is Murder did what they do best. They changed the whole atmosphere and created one of the most anarchic pits I have seen in the last couple of years. Kudos to the maniacs in the front row. It certainly demanded some skill to stay there throughout the set despite Thy Art Is Murder doing everything they could to destroy the place. Now wonder that the band has the opportunity to tour around the world. The intensity of the show and the beautiful aggression they created is a craft that is sought after in extreme metal. What sets Thy Art Is Murder apart from other bands of the genre is that despite all the brutality of their music and show the guys are so relaxed on stage. I can’t remember the last time I have seen a guitar player of an extreme metal band in thongs on stage…

thy art is murder concert review

Thanks to Thy Art Is Murder the crowd on the Gold Coast got to see a feast of extreme metal they hardly ever get to experience. It is fantastic to see that the extreme metal scene is alive and well – and probably better than ever before. Taking such a tour to all those places that typically are forgotten shows what these bands are all about: the music and the fans.

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