Busy times for The Treatment

Newcomers The Treatment had a busy year so far. They released their second album ‘Running With The Dogs’, played tours throughout Europe and had several appearances at the big summer festivals. Currently they are preparing for another run through the UK and Europe. I had a chat with Matt Jones about the skyrocketing career The Treatment had in the last three years, the new album and their upcoming Soundwave Festival shows in Australia.

Marc: You can already look back at a busy year 2014. You released your new album ‘Running With The Dogs’ and you played a long tour throughout Europe. How did the touring go so far?

Matt: It’s been going really, really good. It was a busy year so far. The album came out earlier this and we have been doing all this touring, doing some festival runs, played in front of a lot new people. It’s really been great so far.

Marc: You played your new album quite a bit by now. How was it received by your fans?

Matt: It’s been really good. We have been playing 60 percent new stuff and 40 percent old stuff. The fans have enjoyed listening to it and a few people started singing songs back at us. It’s coming on really well.

About the new album: ‘It’s still us but a better us’

Marc: Do you have a favourite song on ‘Running With The Dogs’?

Matt: For me I really love ‘The Outlaw’ and ‘I Bleed Rock’n’Roll’. But then there are other good ones like ‘Get The Party On’. It’s a fun album. We like playing a lot of it. I can’t really pick one favourite.

Marc: As a progression from your first album what do you think are the particular strengths of ‘Running With The Dogs’?

Matt: I think it sounds a bit more mature because obviously on the first album we were still quite young, we were 17, 18 years old. Now we were 20 when we made the second album. I think for us it sounds like we have grown up quite a little bit. So hopefully the songs are a bit better, we played better on the album and have become better musicians and a better live act. So the best way to describe the second album for us is, it’s still us but a better us.

Marc: You are preparing for another tour in the UK and Europe in October. You will then kick off 2015 with the Soundwave Festivals in Australia. That must be an exciting opportunity to take your music down under?

Matt: It’s so exciting. We can’t wait to play in Australia. We really can’t wait. Growing up in England the two places you hear about most as being good places to go are America and Australia.  So for us to be able to go to both it’s a dream come true. It really is. We absolutely can’t wait. The tour that is coming up we are super excited about as well, because it is our homeland and Europe and we have been doing a lot of work here. For us it’s exciting to go out there and see other bands and to grow, stuff like that. But Australia for us is a big one because you hear about it a lot. We really can’t wait.

‘We want to put a youthful injection into that whole kind of classic rock sound’

Marc: What can your Australian fans expect from your shows at Soundwave?

Matt: Just a high energy rock’n’roll shows. That’s what we are all about. We’ve grown up listening to The Cult, AC/DC, Sex Pistols and that kind of stuff. We want to put a youthful injection into that whole kind of classic rock sound. Big show, big excitement and having a good time.

Marc: What are your major influences personally?

Matt: As a singer growing up I really liked Queen, Freddy Mercury was one of my big heroes. Also people like Rod Stewart, Ian Gillan from Deep Purple, Axl Rose. The big rock singers were my thing. That was always what I wanted to be like.

Marc: You were fairly young when you recorded your first album, you are still fairly young. Yet you have shared the stage with some of the giants of rock’n’roll like Alice Cooper, Kiss and Motörhead. Does that feel real to you or does it still feel like a dream?

Matt: It does feel like dream. Sometime when you look back and see what we have done already you can only be really happy. We are very, very lucky to play with all these big bands. We do appreciate the fact that we are very lucky and we are very humble about it and don’t take it for granted. We just want to learn as much as we can from these big bands and make our band better. So yeah, it does feel like a dream but at the same time we have to be kinda professional about it and keep our heads in business. We are trying to be professional about it all the time. So it’s a bit of a weird thing for me but it’s so much fun at the same time.

Marc: Can you share one of your greatest moments from on the road?

Matt:  One of my favourite ones was the first show we did with Kiss and Mötley Crüe. We touched down the day before. We got there in the morning and they played a show for army veterans the day before in the same stadium for about 2000 people. So we watched Kiss the night before so we knew what show would kinda be like. And then the day after – this is our first show in America – to see that many people there in a massive arena, in America, in the soaring heat, it was unreal. It was so cool. That was the one that really sticks out, our first gig in America.

Marc: What are your plans for 2015 beyond the Soundwave Festival shows?

Matt: Keep playing, keep more shows coming in and also start thinking about the next album. The way we do things is we kinda write and record things at the same time as opposed to writing things and then record it later in a couple of weeks or so. For us an album takes about a year, it’s gradual. So I think once we got Australia done we gonna come back home and start recording, start writing. I think the next album will test us more, let’ see what we’ve got and kind of work on it from there. Whilst we do that we will tour to support the second album. We wanna promote it as much as we can. Busy, busy, busy. Never stopping.

Marc: When you write songs do you do that as a team or does everybody go off in his own corner and then come back with an idea?

Matt: We do that as a team. There is not one of us that is the sole songwriter. It is kind of a mixture of all of us together. So what we do is we sit around the studio and we jam, someone will play a riff, someone will sing a melody and then it all comes together that way. We don’t have one guy that does the writing. It is all a team effort. We live at our manager’s house, Dahni’s [Mansworth, drummer] dad, and he produces us and records us. Because we all live together we can get it done whenever we like. As I said earlier there is no pressure about it. We get up all one day and it happens. It’s quite natural. It’s not forced, it’s not pressed. It all comes naturally.

Marc: Do you have a message for your Australian fans?

Matt: We’re a high energy, big rock band. Expect a big show, a lot of excitement and fun. Come down and watch us.