Soundwave Brisbane Highlights Day 1: Killer Be Killed, Exodus and Slipknot

Soundwave Day 1 in Brisbane was full of great moments and shows. The crowd certainly loved it. Everybody had a good time. It too a while until the venue filled up. A lot of people seemed to take it easy in the morning due to the two-day format this year. There is another day to go…

Killer Be Killed

Among the many highlights of the were clearly Killer Be Killed. The supergroup with genre heroes Max Cavalera, Greg Puciato (Dillinger Escape Plan), Troy Sanders (Mastodon) and David Elitch (The Mars Volta) had a lot of fun on stage. Their dynamic performance got the crowd going hot for the first time on that day. Greg Puciato got so excited that he decided to spend some time with the fans…

soundwave highlights


Exodus: Zetro is back

Exodus are an integral part of the thrash metal scene for more than 30 years and they still know ti kill it on stage. Their long-time singer Zetro is back with the guys and with a strong album “Blood In, Blood Out” they are unstoppable. Unfortunately Gary Holt couldn’t make the trip due to his father’s health condition.

Check them and the crowd out below

Slipknot put on their full show

The fans eagerly awaited Slipknot’s performance at Soundwave and they were not to be disappointed. Slipknot brought their full show to Australia with all the stage effect, rising drum kits and fireworks. Slipknot were a worthy headliner.



Stay posted for further updates. Sydney get ready for the show. Brisbane is certainly looking forward to another day of madness, strong performance and metal mayhem. The 2-day format of Soundwave has certainly proven to be a success for the fans. They can see more bands with less clashes. I hope this will continue.