Classic death metal for a much too small crowd

Dutch death metal veterans Sinister are one of the founding bands of the death metal genre way back in the 80ies. The five-piece have consistently released albums throughout the last 25 years. Still going strong they now made their way down under for their first ever Australian tour. The show at Crowbar in Brisbane was the sixth and final gig of their tour.

Playing on a Sunday night has always been a challenge not only in Brisbane and so it was on this Sunday again. At the end of the weekend that saw two other major acts play in Brisbane there were only about 100 people who gathered in the Crowbar. Surely the Dutch band had deserved way more than that. Nevertheless, Sinister took it as the professionals they are and unleashed their brutal and primitive death metal onto the crowd.

The band played songs from all phases of their career with highlights spread between the older material, which is more a straight forward death metal style, and some newer tracks from their recent album. The newer material is a bit more technical but stays within the skull-crushing variety of a death metal feast.

The small crowd was really in for a treat. Sinister have always been a dependable band, professional and with sound musicianship. It was great to see one of the pioneers of the genre performing their brutal version of death metal. Adrie Kloosterwaards (the drummer of the band in the first 15 years) growls were deep and dark, creating the right atmosphere while the rhythm section hit it like a clockwork. This laid the right foundation for guitarists Dennis Hartog and Baastian Brussaard for their riffing and single note picking. The solos added a slightly different tone to the typical death metal attack venturing in some more melodic and sometimes even bluesy parts. Although the band has gone through a lot of line-up change (Adrie is the only founding member) Sinister have kept their spirit

Sinister played a solid gig despite the small crowd which surely must have been a disappointment for the band. Sinister are still going strong after more than 25 years in the business. A lot of people missed out on probably the only chance to see one of the veterans of death metal in Australia. The band’s performance certainly would have deserved a larger crowd.

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