Silent Knight’s ‘Conquer & Command’ is a feast for power metal fans

Perth-based quintet Silent Knight has been working hard over the last four years to gain their reputation as one of Australia’s premier power metal. Since their inception and live debut in 2011 they played live whenever they could. Their debut album ‘Masterplan’, released in 2013, gained them worldwide attention and resulted in the distribution of the record in the US and Europe which is quite an achievement for an independent band. After the release of their EP ‘Power Metal Supreme’ in 2014 the band didn’t rest on their laurels and started working on their second album. Now ‘Conquer & Command’ has been released.

Silent Knight are pretty open about Helloween, Gamma Ray and Iron Maiden being their major influences. And this is exactly what you can expect from the new album. After the short intro ‘A Call To Arms’ the band rips right into the title track ‘Conquer & Command’. Galloping riffs, double-twin action and harmony leads build the fabric of Silent Knight’s sound. Their version of the galloping rhythm that we know so well FROM Iron Maiden comes through here and there. ‘Prisoner Of Your World’ is another good example for this.

With the second track ‘Empty Threat’ Silent Knight switch into the next gear and increase intensity and speed. The song reminds me of Helloween before the ‘Keeper’ albums, good old, neck-breaking speed metal. ‘Conquer & Command’ and ‘Empty Threat’ set the scene and tone for the rest of the album: 80s-influenced, fast and heavy power (and sometimes speed) metal with a modern sound.

I have mentioned Silent Knight’s influences quite a bit already. Don’t get the wrong impression. Silent Knight are not a copy band. Rather than just repeating what genre legends already did in the past Silent Knight add their own twist to it and show variety. So is ‘Strike Of The Sword’ the heaviest and fastest song of the album almost bordering to a thrash metal song. ‘One By One’ on the other hand has a groovy rock’n’roll feeling to it that lightens up the atmosphere. Overall the album is actually quite heavy and fast which is another difference to the aforementioned idols.

The only disappointment of the album is the cover version of Europe’s ‘Final Countdown’. I don’t think that we needed another cover version of this song. Finishing the album with that cover somewhat weakens the impact of ‘Conquer & Command’. However, bottom line is that Silent Knight’s second full-length album is a very mature and cohesive record. It seems that Silent Knight have grown even further in the last couple of years. If this release is an indicator for Silent Knight’s future then we will hear a lot more from them.

8.5 of 10

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