Sheidim Album Review – ‘Shrines of the Void’

Sheidim is one of those bands that you probably haven’t heard of just yet. The Spanish black metal outfit was founded in 2013 and has gone quietly about their ways. Their first release was a 7-inch vinyl EP in 2015. The tracks on that EP raised some interest in the underground and received a number of good reviews. Now, just a year later, Sheidim are ready to unleash their dark vision in the form of their debut full-length album ‘Shrines of the Void’.

The successful release of their EP resulted in a contract with Dark Descent Records. ‘Shrines of the Void’ is now the first outcome of this unholy partnership. The seven tracks on the album create exactly the atmosphere you would expect from such a team. Desolation and despair exude from every note on that album. Sheidim go about it in a rather traditional black metal way. The sound is on the low-fi side, the vocals alternate between screaming and screeching and the guitar riffs are rolling relentlessly throughout the 37 minutes. The Spaniards don’t rush into things either. They take their time and develop this atmosphere in each and every song, deliberately and carefully.

All seven tracks are in mid-tempo area with the occasional outburst into faster areas. The tracks stay within that tempo range most of the time. Every now and then a melody comes through that seems to be the glimmer of hope in a world of anguish and sadness. But these little outbreaks are just a deception before Sheidim grasps you and pulls you back into their world of darkness.

If you are looking for a new black metal band that combines the freshness and enthusiasm of a young band with the traditional trademarks of the genre, then Sheidim’s debut album is worth giving a go. Certainly, the album will not re-write the history of black metal nor will it revolutionise extreme metal. However, ‘Shrines of the Void’ is a quality product that can stand beside the current work of many of the genre greats.

8 of 10