Sewercide Album Review – ‘ Immortalized In Suffering’

Melbourne-based extreme metal outfit Sewercide has been around for about five years now. After having experimented with different extreme metal subgenres and a number of splits and EPs the band’s full length debut ‘Immortalized In Suffering’ firmly places them in the death metal camp. The new album has just been released in time for Sewercide’s first US-tour.

The album opener is already a pretty good summary of what to expect on ‘Immortalized In Suffering’. ‘For Those About To Rot’ ( I’m pretty sure the AC/DC pun is intended) is a real death metal headcrusher: fast, mean and angry. The track is certainly one of the heavier ones on the album but it also shows that Sewercide is more than just endless blastbeats at ultrasonic speed. The band breaks up the song with a solo here and a change of tempo there. The final third of the track slows down and literally grinds down towards the end. Gore-filled grindcore is the other side of Sewercide and they combine that with classic death metal throughout the entire album.

Overall the album presents as much variation as you can expect from a death metal band these days. Always close to the core of their music the band adds little details that venture into other subgenres. Most of the times these details lead into grindcore but there are also some black influences like in the riffs in ‘Snares Of Carnality’ or some galloping thrash metal passages. By and large Sewercide stay within the death metal world. And within that realm of death metal everything the average headbanger wants to hear is offered. The production is somewhat low-fi which results in a raw live feeling. The growls and grunts sound more vicious than my neighbour’s Doberman. The blastbeats keep on attacking my neck muscles and the guitar riffs cut like a chainsaw. In other words, Sewercide combine all the necessary ingredients of a modern extreme metal album on ‘Immortalized In Suffering’.

It is good to know that there are still young extreme metal bands out there willing to play out their guts. A relentless and hard-working attitude and 9 punchy tracks make this surprisingly mature debut album worth listening to. Sewercide are a force to be reckoned with. I hope they keep their energy and continue to tour as much as they do at the moment. ‘Immortalized In Suffering’ is certainly worth to be taken around the world.

8 of 10

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