Sepultura play a kick-ass show

Sepultura have caused a lot of controversy over the last 18 years since the departure of Max Cavalera. The fact that you are reading these lines means that you have made your peace with his departure, have moved on and still like Sepultura. So enough of the ancient history, let’s have a look at Sepultura in 2014. After more than a decade the Brazilians made their way down under to play three shows celebrating their 30-year anniversary.

The show in Brisbane was opened by In Death in front of an already decent crowd at The Hifi. In Death are a Brisbane institution for quite some years now and they showed why. Their extreme metal style includes a number of influences from death metal to grindcore. Their set was short and sharp. The fans like it and got a good first warm up.

Malakyte were next to fire up some heat before Sepultura was to enter the stage. With their 2013 debut album ‘Human Resonance’ and the experience of a good number of support shows for world-class metal bands Malakyte took the stage in a storm. Malakyte have fun when they enter the stage and they are not afraid to show it. The guys pulled of another great show with singer Tommy Muz down in the pit with the fans and crowdsurfing at times.

Sepultura 041014-12The crowd was now prepared for what was to come. The second Sepultura entered the stage the whole place went absolutely crazy. Neck-breaking headbanging, mosh pits and crowdsurfers were there right from the first minute to the very last note of the set. Derrick Green just has a commanding stage presence; Paulo jr clearly had a lot of fun on the bass and the youngest addition to the band, drummer Eloy Casagrande, can only be described as an absolute freak. He hits the drums so hard (and precise) that at times you had to fear the whole drum kit would be smashed to pieces. On top of all that Andreas Kisser animated the fans to go even wilder all the time.

The set list covered all phases of the band. New songs like ‘The Vatican’ and ‘Kairos’ did perfectly fit in with the older material. Especially ‘Kairos’ has developed into a live hymn that the fans eagerly shout back at the band. Of course, the old favourites were there as well. Songs like ‘Arise’, ‘Ratmahatta’ and the larger-than-life ‘Roots’ were the absolute highlights of the show. Finishing the set with ‘Roots’ left the Hifi in a state of unrest. People were going crazy all over the place. You could see a lot of happy face all around.

The Hifi was witness to another great metal night. Sepultura delivered on their promise with an absolutely exhilarating show. The quartet still has it what it takes to turn a metal crowd into a mass of headbanging maniacs.  To all the doubters out there: the last few albums might not be the strongest in Sepultura’s long career but the band still kicks ass live. I have seen them three times in the last 18 months. The crowds went mad all the time and there were some of the biggest and most brutal mosh pits I have seen in a while. Don’t miss Sepultura again when they come to your town.

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