Revocation interview master mind Dave Davidson about the new album and upcoming tours

Marc: Exciting times for you guys at the moment. Your new album ‘Deathless’ is going to be released in a couple of days. What can you tell me about the new album?

Dave: We’re really excited for the new record. We collectively feel this is our best album to date. I think it’s very diverse. We did different things this time around but definitely maintained the core elements of our sound. I think our fans are going to be really pleased.

Marc: What did you do differently this time?

Dave: I think vocally I tried to do things differently. That adds more atmosphere to different parts. I think as a whole the record has more of a death metal vibe. There are definitely thrash songs on the album but I think the death element is a little bit more at the forefront this time around. I guess we expanded the boundaries of what our sound is. We’re trying to add other elements.

“We expanded the boundaries of what our sound is.”

Marc: You changed your label for the record. You are now with Metal Blade. I guess when you start out as a metal band that’s your dream. Is that true for you?

Dave: Yeah, totally. We had a great time on Relapse. When Metal Blades started talking to us they offered us the better deal at the end of the day. Just looking at their roster they have a few legendary bands on. And they are also very big worldwide. Breaking into Europe and other parts of the world is something we really wanna do with this band. We don’t wanna be in the US only. We wanna take the show on the road all over the world.  So we are very happy with Metal Blade.

Marc: What are your touring plans? You’ll go to Europe next. Is that correct?

Dave: Yes, we are going to leave tomorrow. We are actually on a 30-hour drive at the moment to Boston. So we basically drive there, hop on a plane and then we do Europe for six weeks, then Asia and then Australia.

Marc: You are going to play Australia just before Christmas.  Is that your first time in Australia?

Dave: Yeah, it’s our first time over there.

Marc: Has the change to Metal Blade also had an effect on the production of ‘Deathless’?

Dave: We write the same way. We’ve been fortunate enough that every label we’ve been working with is passionate about what we do. So they always let us do our own thing in terms of writing and son. We had a bit bigger budget this time we could spend more time producing the album. I guess having a bigger budget helped to improve the sound of the record. It is actually my favourite sound on record we have ever done.

Marc: How does the song writing work for you?

Dave: I have all my riffs recorded and I just compile everything in different files. That is important for me when I’m going back through the whole thing. Then I’ll just start putting everything together. It usually start with the main riff and then a chorus riff and the intro. I start putting things in order from there. I kind of have the structure of the song in my head. When I write I always keep in mind what the drums are doing and so on. They need to kind of flow with the song. I do that until I feel it has a flow to it and feels like a song. Then I bring in bass and drums and start writing lyrics.

“When inspiration strikes I just try to capture it wherever I can.”

Marc: The new record will be your fifth release in just a bit over six years. By today’s standards that is quite unusual actually. Where does all that creativity come from?

Dave: I don’t know. When inspiration strikes I just try to capture it wherever I can whether I’m on the road or whether I’m at home. I actually don’t like forcing writing songs. So when we are about to go into the studio I feel like being watched. So whenever something comes to me that I think is worthwhile I record it. That is the process. The ideas float around for a while. I can write a riff tomorrow and it might turn up on the next record.

Marc: What do you actually do on a day when one of you records is released? Do you have a routine?

Dave: We’ll be on tour which is how it should be happening. Previously when we were starting out as a band the album did come out and were not on tour, there was kind of like a month in between. We wanna be on the road. So we create the interest and then we go on the road. That my idea how it should be: we should be on tour.

Marc: What are your plans for 2015?

Dave: We don’t have any tours booked as of yet but our plan is to do more touring, get some other tours lined up in the winter time in the US or maybe back to Europe. We really wanna get out there.

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