‘Deathless’ is Revocation’s strongest album yet

US-quartet Revocation is an incredibly creative and hard-working band. Within six years the band has released six records, an EP and five full-length albums. Their latest release ‘Deathless’ has been running red-hot on my different devices in the last few days. Now it’s time to give you my two-cents worth.

Revocation have been put into the thrash metal corner probably as often they have been put into the death metal genre. ‘Deathless’ doesn’t make it easier to classify them but this is exactly what makes the album so interesting. The band around founding member and creative master mind Dave Davidson has produced probably their most death metal sounding record so far. However, they still feature their trademark sound, change between trash metal riffing and death metal single note picking. Dave Davidson’s vocals are the darkest he has put on an album so far. You throw in Revocation’s best sound on a record to date and you have a killer album.

The album stays fresh and interesting thanks to Dave Davidson’s variety of styles on guitar which he shows on almost all of the songs on ‘Deathless’. ‘United In Helotry’ is one of the finest examples of this variety. The song starts out as a death metal hammer, breaks into a slower part where you can clearly hear Dave’s roots and education in jazz guitar and takes a turn into Satriani/Vai-style solos. ‘The Fix’ is another example of Davidson’s fine guitar work where he shows that he can also take the foot off the pedal and even gets a bit bluesy. The title track ‘Deathless’ is one of the more straight forward, trash metal songs on the album but it still combines faster speeds with more melodic parts, making it an interesting track.

‘Deathless’ is Revocation’s strongest album so far. It keeps their trademarks alive while adding new elements. Revocation are not afraid to walk the fine line between thrash and death metal while incorporating influences from other genres. Jazzy parts as in ‘United In Helotry’ and ‘Scorched Earth Policy’ fit right into the band’s sound as the more heavy metal influenced parts as in ‘The Fix’ and ‘Apex’ do. The overwhelming strength of Revocation is clearly Dave Davidson’s guitar work. He has a wide variety of influences and is not afraid to show them. His vocals are darker on ‘Deathless’ and still range between grindcore screams and some more death metal influenced growls.

Revocation have released a solid album that stays fresh and interesting throughout. The variety of styles and Dave Davidson’s guitar have always been the distinguished strengths of Revocation and are still in 2014. The change to Metal Blade allowed the band to spend some more time in the studio. The result is the best sound Revocation ever had on a record. Overall this is an album that will find many fans.

8 of 10