Queensryche Concert Review, Brisbane, 11th Oct 2016

The Triffid has worked its way up to be one of the premier live venues in Brisbane over the past few months with a tremendous series of high-quality gigs. Tuesday night was another one of those treats. Metal giants Queensrÿche were about to kick off their long-awaited Australian tour. It has taken the band many years to come back to Australia and considering the difficult break-up with Geoff Tate this is quite understandable. With new frontman Todd La Torre and a strong album Queensrÿche are now off to brighter times. I talked to a number of fans before the show and realised that they were all die-hard Queensrÿche fans coming from all corners of Australia like Toowoomba, Canberra and Warrnambool. This was going to be an epic night.

Before the fans got to enjoy their heroes local favourites Awaken Solace warmed up the crowd. Despite the minor sound issues (unfortunately the vocals were drowned under the sound of guitar and bass) Awaken Solace played a solid show. The band featured a new track from their upcoming second album that will be available early in 2017. The set made me certainly look forward to the new record.

awaken solace

Awaken Solace live at The Triffid

Seraphic then got the crowd really going with their Nightwish-style symphonic metal. The band has added the experienced Raouf Al-Araji as second guitarist. The result is an even heavier and more variable sound. Seraphic were dynamic and on-the-point. In that form the Brisbane-based band is one to be watched.


Seraphic live at The Triffid

After a short break the moment everybody was there to enjoy finally came and Queensrÿche entered the stage. The band started the set with ‘Guardian’ from their latest album ‘Condition Hüman’. One thing was absolutely clear right from the beginning. Todd La Torre is not Geoff Tate and never will be. So if you are a die-hard Geoff Tate fan: get over it. It was refreshing to see that Todd doesn’t try to copy Geoff but puts his own twist on Queensrÿche classics. He is a fantastic singer in his own right. On top of that he is also a flamboyant frontman who knows how to rock a crowd. His constant interaction with the fans in the front row is hard to find these days and is exactly what metalheads go to shows for.

queensryche concert review

The second track of the set – ‘Operation Mindcrime’ – then made clear what the rest of the night would be like. Queensrÿche offered their fans a journey through the best period of the band with songs from taken mainly from their albums ‘Rage For Order’, ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ and ‘Empire’. One highlight was followed by the next so it is hard to pick a favourite. Everyone probably had a different one that night. My picks are ‘Queen Of The Reich’ and the final song ‘Eyes Of A Stranger’.

Queensryche Interview with Michael Wilton

Bottom line is that Queensrÿche are certainly among the most professional and technically impeccable bands in the metal circuit. After more than three decades in the business they have just matured and become even better. There is only one thing left to say: I hope it doesn’t take them long to come back again.

Set list:


Operation Mindcrime

Best I Can


The Killing Words

The Mission

Silent Lucidity


Queen Of The Reich

Jet City Woman

Take Hold Of The Flame

Screaming In Digital

Eyes Of A Stranger