Opeth Concert Review, The Tivoli, Brisbane, 4 Feb 2017

Opeth is one of the few bands that changed their sound significantly without losing their original fan base. Of course, there are always some haters who think that everything was better yesterday. However, Opeth’s journey over the last 25 years went through all the swings and roundabouts of the music business. Yet their fan base grew over that time and is now an eclectic mix of old and new fans. That was exactly what the crowd was like at The Tivoli when Opeth came to Brisbane with their new album ‘Sorceress’ and many classics and fan favourites.

It was only logical to have Brisbane-based Caligula’s Horse as support for Opeth’s tour. Caligula’s Horse name Opeth as one of their influences. Their version of progressive rock meeting metal was the perfect choice to warm up the crowd. Most of the fans were already in the venue when the band started their set. And they weren’t just there to kill some time but there seemed to be a lot of fans of the band. Caligula’s Horse has had an amazing time since their inception in 2011 with the release of three full-length albums and many tours. That night they played a short but to-the-point set. You can tell that Caligula’s Horse is an experienced live band. It seems that every time I see them live they get better. I suppose we will be hearing a lot from them in the future.

caligula's horse

Caligula’s Horse opening for Opeth at The Tivoli in Brisbane

When Opeth entered the stage the crowd erupted in a wild roar. Opeth played the V-shaped set they had announced starting with heavier songs before they brought down the intensity during the middle of the show just to increase it again towards the end. The set opener was the title track of Opeth’s latest album ‘Sorceress’, played slightly heavier than on the record. Two absolute Opeth classics followed with ‘Ghost Of Perdition’ and ‘Demon Of The Fall’ before the only other song from ’Sorceress’ – ‘The Wilde Flowers’ – was performed.

opeth concert review

The middle part of the show was then reserved to the mellower side of Opeth. Beautiful versions of ‘Face Of Melinda’ and ‘In My Time Of Need’ fascinated the crowd. Well, most of them. Of course there had to be one guy who screamed “Play some fucking metal, you poofter”. Mikael Akerfeldt handled the situation in his own, unexcited way by turning it around and making that guy the laughing-stock of the night.

From there on Opeth focussed on more classics of the heavier period – not as a reaction to the incident mentioned above – but as part of the arc of suspense an Opeth show demands. The show culminated after almost 2 hours in the fan favourite ‘Deliverance’, a perfect choice as it combines so many attributes of Opeth in that one song.

opeth concert review

Unfortunately not everything was gold that night. Local cops were targeting people outside the venue for minor offences like smoking to close to the venue entrance and throwing their cigarette butts in the gutter. Really! Don’t you have anything better to do than harassing a peaceful, fun-loving metal crowd.

Set List:


Ghost Of Perdition

Demon Of The Fall

The Wilde Flowers

Face Of Melinda

In My Time Of Need

The Devil’s Orchard

Cusp Of Eternity

Heir Apparent

Drapery Falls