Nile proved why they are on the throne of technical death metal

Technical death metal veterans Nile made their way down under once again. With their new album ‘What Should Not Be Unearthed’ and a massive back catalogue of genre classics released in the last 20 years headbangers in Brisbane were in for a real treat. Adding to the excitement was a strong supporting bill with US-heavy hitters Unearth, Australia’s most popular metalcore act Feed Her To The Sharks and one of Australia’s premier death metal bands Whoretopsy.

It is rather seldom that metal fans in Australia get to enjoy such a strong bill with two international A-grade acts and two of the local favourites. All the more it came as a surprise that only about 250 metal maniacs had gathered that night. Maybe it was the fact that it was a Thursday night or the high number of international bands having played in Brisbane lately. Or it was the mixture of metalcore and death metal that put off some people. However, all the bands weren’t discouraged by the small crowd and played super-professional shows. Whoretopsy kicked off the night with a short and brutal 25-minute set. Having just released their second full-length album the band was full of energy and aggression. Unfortunately for the band not many had made their way into the venue at this stage.

whoretopsy gig review

Whoretopsy live in Brisbane

When Feed Her To The Sharks entered the stage for their 25-minute set the Max Watts had filled up a little more. The melodic metalcore attracted a different crowd compared to the fans in the front row during Whoretopsy’s show. Very agile on stage Feed Her To The Sharks got the pit going for the first time that night. The only downturn for me was the reference to the terrorist attacks in Paris which came across quite cheesy. People were not there for a political statement, they just wanted to have a good old metal fun night.

feed her to the sharks gig review

Feed Her To The Sharks live in Brisbane

Unearth then switched the crowd into the next gear with their set. They were heavy, they were in your face and they showed off all the experience of their almost 20-year long career. Special mention has to go to Buz McGrath. He is certainly one of the best guitarists of the genre and he did show this on stage with his massive riffs, energetic solos and an enigmatic stage presence. Unearth couldn’t even be stopped by a broken kick pedal during the last song of the show. After a short break they started the song again and played another track for good measure and to keep up the energy.

Unearth live in Brisbane

Unearth live in Brisbane

The three previous bands would have already made for a good metal night but it was just about to get a bit more intense again. Nile have been in the premier class of technical death metal for more than 20 years. And they proved yet again why they are on the throne of this sub-genre. Their music is just heavy and highly versatile with as many riffs as you can put into one set, yet the music stays straight forward all the time without getting academical. The different growling vocals of Karl Sanders and Dallas Toler-Wade keep the music fresh and initiate kind of a dialogue. Despite all the heaviness and aggression their music has they maintained a fun atmosphere with lots of smiles on their faces throughout the show. They seemed to have a real ball. Nile also had some technical difficulties when some of Karl Sanders’ gear broke down but professional as they are they just got it fixed and kept on playing.

nile gig review

Nile live in Brisbane

It was certainly a great night of metal in Brisbane. Lots of people missed out on four excellent acts. However, you had to be open-minded due to the mix of metalcore and death metal bands.

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