New Video: Varg – ‘Das Ende Aller Lügen’

Varg kick off our videos of the week. The German anti-fascist band will release their new album ‘Das Ende Aller Lügen’ via Napalm Records on 15 January. Now they have released an extended version of the title track as video. The track begins with a German version of Charlie Chaplin’s main speech from the movie ‘The Great Dictator’. Even if you don’t understand the words the message become quite clear. Varg had it and they are on a mission to change the world. Check it out below…

New Video Borknagar – ‘The Rhymes of the Mountain’

Next up are Norway’s progressive metal ambassadors Borknagar. Their new album ‘Winter Thrice’ will be out just in time during the harsh Norwegian winter on 22 January. ‘The Rhymes of the Mountain’ is typical Borknagar song; well constructed, epic and the right mixture between heavy and melodic. The track certainly makes you look forward to Borknagar’s album even more. Mark 22 January in your diaries.

New Video Witchcraft ‘The Outcast’

Last but not least we got hardrockers Witchcraft. Their new track ‘The Outcast’ will be released as an EP on 4 December before the song will be featured on the new album ‘Nucleus’. Witchcraft’s fifth full-length album will be released via Nuclear Blast on 15 January. 2016 already shapes up to have a busy start to the years with that many highly anticipated albums to be released in January. Witchcraft try to get your attention with the official video for ‘The Outcast’.

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