New Video Avantasia, Exumer and Aborted

It was again a busy week with plenty of new videos published. Bands are now preparing for their releases in early 2016 and send out teasers for their new records.

Let’s start with Avantasia. The band around mastermind Tobias Sammet released a new single ‘Mystery Of A Blood red Rose’ on Friday, 11th December. The track is from the forthcoming album ‘Ghostlights’ which will be released on 29th January 2016.

Tobias Sammet commented:

“In my humble opinion is the perfect overture to the seventy-minute journey which the full album is going to be. Although MYSTERY OF A BLOOD RED ROSE is a rather short composition compared to most other Avantasia songs, yet I wanted to embellish and amplify it with flamboyance and all Avantasia trademarks. I wanted to make it a detailed piece of fantasy art, but at the same time it was a big challenge to make that painting look inherently consistant if you view it from the distance. The layered choirs took us forever to record and yet nothing distracts from the main theme and flow of the song. Everytime you give it a listen you will discover something else going on. I have a feeling that I have never managed to create such an epic and dreamy atmosphere in just four minutes. I gotta admit, I am slightly proud of it!”

Thrash Veterans Exumer

German thrash metal veterans Exumer have released a new lyric video ‘The Raging Tides’. The band, originally formed in 1984, released only 2 albums in the 80s before they disbanded and went on an extended hiatus. They came back for a one-off show at Wacken in 2001. Since then they played shows sporadically before they signed with Metal Blade and released their third album ‘Fire And Damnation’ in 2012. Now it’s time again for another album. ‘The Raging Tides’ will be released on 29th January. Old school thrash metal at its best. Check it out below.

More Goregrind From Aborted

Belgian goregrind band Aborted recorded a new EP and have released the title track ‘Termination Redux’ as video. Extreme and aggressive as always Aborted battle their way through the new video. The EP will be out early in 2016.

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