New official videos: Miasmal, Aborted, Aversions Crown

Aborted – ‘Vestal Disfigurement Upon The Sacred Chantry’

Belgium’s premier death metal outfit Aborted celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2015. To honour the two decades in the industry the band just released the EP ‘Termination Redux’ with three new songs and a re-engineered version of the classic ‘The Holocaust Re-Incarnate’. One of the new tracks, ‘Vestal Disfigurement Upon The Sacred Chantry’, is now available as lyric video.

You can read the complete review of the EP here.


Miasmal – ‘Fear The New Flesh’

More brutal death metal is brought to us by Swedish quartet Miasmal. Miasmal have been quite busy since their inception in 2007. They now prepare for the release of their third full-length album ‘Tides Of Omniscience’. The record will be released via Century Media on 4 March. The lyric video ‘Fear The New Flesh’ can be checked out below.

Aversions Crown – ‘Erebus’

Last but not least we have Australian deathcore/metalcore band Aversions Crown. Hailing from the sunshine state of Queensland the band have just released a new song called ‘Erebus’. The track is just as brutal as we heard it on their debut album ‘Tyrant’. Watch out for more new music from Aversions Crown later this year.