Progressive extreme metal at its best

Saturday night in the Valley and the Brightside is packed. Melbourne progressive metal band Ne Obliviscaris is in town to promote their new record ‘Citadel’. The shows around the country have been highly anticipated after the band created a hype with their successful crowdfunding campaign earlier this year. The band did run the campaign to fund their upcoming world tour so it seems a lot of fans came to see what Ne Obliviscaris will take around the world.

The night started actually with another treat for fans of extreme metal. Label colleagues Beyond Creation played a 50-minute set featuring their new album ‘Earthborn Evolution’. The Canadians unleashed their version of technical death metal onto the crowd with precision and force. Seldom do you get the chance to see a band of exceptionally gifted musicians like Beyond Creation. Founding member and guitarist Simon Girard and Kevin Charte were duelling each other on their 8-string guitars at lightning speed but also showed that they can take some speed out of the songs without losing the brutal heaviness that Beyond Creation stands for. Drummer Philippe Boucher laid the foundation for virtuosic play of the string instruments. That includes bassist Dominic “Forest” Lapointe who complemented the guitars with his own lines and motives rather than ‘just’ supporting the guitars. The band would have deserved to play a full 90-minute set. There is just one word for their performance: amazing.

ne obliviscaris gig review

After this excellent support band the fans were warmed up and prepared for the main attraction they did come to see. Ne Obliviscaris entered the stage and Tim Charles opened the show with his violin. The band got right into material from their new album ‘Citadel’ (which by the way had just entered the Australian charts in the top 50). The band’s progressive sound in between the dark growls of frontman Xen and the clean vocals of Tim Charles, brutal and fast extreme metal passages and melodic break, really got the crowd going. Ne Obliviscaris is in the game now for eleven years and they have used this time to perfect their unique sound. Throughout the set dark and sinister parts alternated with melodic and lighter sounds. It seems that Ne Obliviscaris have found the right buttons to push. The reaction of the fans was proof of that. One guy even broke his ankle in the pit but still left with a smile on his face. A true metal moment.

Both bands were at their best that night and left the crowd satisfied. It was amazing to see how much they enjoyed themselves on and off stage. All band members of Beyond Creation joined the crowd in the pit and could been seen as crowdsurfers throughout Ne Obliviscaris’s set. That is true passion for metal.