Mindshift Album Review – ‘Horizon’

Sweden’s Mindshift have quite a journey behind them. The band was formed back in 2006. After the release of their debut album in 2012 the quartet went through some line-up changes, released two EPs and found themselves without a record label. After almost two years of hard work on their new album ‘Horizon’ Mindshift inked a deal with Eclipse Records at the end of 2015. ‘Horizon’ is now the first outcome of this new relationship.

The band took their time to write ‘Horizon’. With 15 songs and a length of 56 minutes it is jam-packed with Mindshift’s version of melodic metal. The band combines the best of their 10 year career on ‘Horizon’ with their variety of melodic harmonies, progressive intricacies and groove-laden heavy hitters. The album stays interesting at all times due to the different elements and song structures. There are the heavier tracks like ‘Arise’ and ‘My Revenge’ that convince through the combination of fast riffing, harsh vocals and breaks into more melodic parts. ‘Absolution’ is probably the heaviest track on ‘Horizon’ with its staccato riffing. ‘Eye For An Eye’ – the highlight of the album – is sharp and aggressive with many breaks and lots of twin-axe action.

So far so good. There is also another side of Mindshift clearly evident on this album and that is a more groove-laden approach. ‘Suffer In Silence’ with its edgy riff and ‘A Thousand Scar’ are good examples. The four Swedes combine all that with the occasional hint of more progressive elements which makes the album sound far more mature than anything the band has released before.

The only real critic I have is that the album is a little too long. Tracks like ‘In The End’ and ‘Drowning’ venture into pop-punk territory which doesn’t do it for me. Mindshift are at their best when they are heavy, groovy and focus more on their technical prowess.

‘Horizon’ is Mindshift’s strongest album to date. The songwriting has matured over the years which results in a very compact album. The tracks are to the point and refreshingly varied. The interplay between harsh and clean vocals as well as the heavier riffs and melodic parts keep the album interesting at all times. The fact that most tracks have some quite catchy parts just opens up the audience for Mindshift. ‘Horizon’ is a solid album that should grow Mindshift’s fan base.

8 of 10