Meshuggah Concert Review, 11th March 2017, Brisbane

It is hard to believe that Meshuggah are going to celebrate their 30th anniversary this year. The Swedes have certainly made their mark on the metal scene with their unique style. A good indicator of the uniqueness of a band is the number of different genres they have been labelled with. Meshuggah’s experimental style has earned them quite a lot of categorizations (don’t worry, I won’t repeat them all here). Now they returned to Australia featuring their 8th full-length album “The Violent Sleep Of Reason”.

Support act for the Meshuggah tour around the country is one of Australia’s finest exports in extreme metal Thy Art Is Murder. The Sydney-based quintet has honed their craft over the last decade during many tours in Australia and overseas. Their long-time vocalist CJ McMahon just returned to the band recently after he had taken time out from the band to sort out his private life. Naturally,\ I was curious how that would work out for the band. To cut a long story short it worked out perfectly for Thy Art Is Murder. The band is an extremely close-knit outfit on stage and the return of CJ McMahon just made their stage presence even more energetic. His in-your-face-attitude is as strong as ever and supported the band’s mantra “get in the pit or get out of the way”. 50 minutes of pure mayhem certainly got the crowd going.

thy art is murder

Then it was time to celebrate the return of Meshuggah to Australia. It has been almost 4 years since their massively successful co-headlining tour with Lamb Of God. The band’s reputation, an excellent latest release with “The Violent Sleep Of Reason” and the long waiting time to see the band again resulted in a pretty packed Tivoli that night. And Meshuggah certainly did not disappoint.

Meshuggah Concert Review

The band played songs from all phases of their career with a focus on the later three albums. The set featured four songs from their latest release (as you would expect) and all were very well received. It has to be a hard thing to choose a set list from such an impressive back catalogue. Meshuggah found the right mix between old and new to leave a happy crowd.

Meshuggah Concert Review

What sets Meshuggah apart from other bands in the genre is not only the high quality of musicianship and song writing but also the stage presence. Kudos to the band for putting on such an aggressive show after being 30 years in the business. A lot of other bands that are around that long have mellowed out significantly, not so Meshuggah. You add in a quite elaborate light show and you have one mighty fine metal show. It seems that most of the crowd agreed with me judging by the smiles on their faces when they left the venue…


  1. Clockworks
  2. Born In Dissonance
  3. Sane
  4. Perpetual Black Second
  5. Stengah
  6. The Hurt That Finds You First
  7. Lethargica
  8. Look Down
  9. Nostrum
  10. Violent Sleep Of Reason
  11. Dancers to a Discordant System
  12. Bleed
  13. Demiurge
  14. Future Bread Machine