Megadeth Concert Review – 21st October 2015, Brisbane, Max Watt’s

It is not every day that one of the Big 4 comes to Brisbane so naturally the Eatons Hill Hotel was close to sell out capacity. Fans came in droves and Megadeth t-shirts dominated the scene. Of course I was looking forward to seeing Megadeth on stage again. The recent months have just added to my curiosity. How will the new line-up work with the addition of Chris Adler on drums and Kiko Loureiro on guitar? How will the new material sound on stage (the new album “Dystopia” will be released on 22nd January)? And most importantly, does the master himself still got what it takes to bring a crowd to boiling point?

megadeth concert review

Before Megadeth could answer these questions Children Of Bodom warmed up the crowd. Their short and succinct 40-minute set took them through their already 20-year long career. The Fins recently released their new album “I Worship Chaos” that was well-received by fans and critics alike. The title song of the album went down in a storm and was the highlight of the show. Children Of Bodom have gone back to their earlier days with their new album. The material is heavier and less keyboard-laden. Tonight Children Of Bodom proofed that they are at their best when they just let it rip. The older songs hit the fans straight in their faces and got the pit going. Overall Children Of Bodom’s performance showed that they are a classy opener for a world-class act.

megadeth concert review

After a rather short break it was then time for Megadeth to take centre stage. Right from the start when Dave Mustaine played the first riff of “Hangar 18” I got the first answer to one of my questions. Yes, Dave Mustaine and Megadeth still got what it takes to make the pit go into frenzy. Right from the start crowdsurfers made their way towards the stage, never quite making it on stage in the attempt to get closer to their heroes.

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Megadeth played a set that took the fans through all stages of their 30+ years of their career. Classics like “My Darkest Hour”, “Wake Up Dead” and “Peace Sells” took turns with popular tracks of Megadeth’s middle phase like “Sweating Bullets”, “A Tout Le Monde” and “Skin O’ My Teeth” and latest songs like “Kingsmaker”. One of the highlights of the set was actually the new song “Fatal Illusion”. The band played it just that little bit faster and heavier than on the recently released video. If that is going to be the standard of the upcoming album “Dystopia” we might be in for a real surprise and one of the strongest Megadeth albums in a long time.

megadeth concert review

Maybe the new additions to the band are a reason for the heaviness of the new song. On stage they did fit in perfectly. Chris Adler is just a monster on the drum kit. He and David Ellefson laid the solid foundation for the two six-string artist. Kiko Loureiro certainly proofed that he is a worthy new member of a band that has always had two strong guitar players.  And Kiko is no exception. Dave Mustaine gave him enough room to take his place in the spotlight playing a good number of solos. I think that people misunderstand Mustaine when they say Megadeth is only about Mustaine. I think he was never afraid to put another world-class guitarist beside him. Kiko Loureiro is no exception to this history.