Lost Society Interview with Samy Elbana

Finland’s Lost Society is one of those young bands that have injected some fresh blood into the metal scene in the last few years. With their fast version of a thrash metal that is not old-school, two brilliant albums and the support of genre giant Nuclear Blast the band did not only earn a lot of respect but gathered also a strong fan base. Now the quartet is about to release their third album ‘Braindead’. I took the opportunity to have a chance with Samy Elbana to talked about the new album.

Marc: Your new album ‘Braindead’ will be released in about three weeks on 12 February. What can you tell me about the new album?

Samy: I can tell you that we’re stoked to have an album out that really shows what Lost Society is all about. We’re introducing a lot of new elements to the music. I think overall we were really open-minded when we wrote the songs. It was kind of a step out of our comfort zone. There’s gonna be a lot of the old school Lost Society stuff but there’s also gonna be a lot of new cool stuff for the listeners.

‘We don’t think about anything else other than the music.’

Marc: I had the chance to listen to the album a few times. It sounds a lot darker and a lot angrier. Is that something that happened in the creative process or did you aim for that?

Samy: It came to us as a really natural thing because when we write songs we want to have a completely open mind. We don’t think about anything else other than the music. It’s not like we said to ourselves now that we put out two fast albums we have to make a really angry and slow one. When we started to write the songs it just so happened that the songs came out a bit slower, much darker, much more aggressive. I’m really stoked about the new material. It really sounds like us.

Marc: How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t listened to your music yet?

Samy: I’d say that the first two albums and this album, when you put it all together and listen to all of them, it’s just like a shot of adrenaline for you. It really comes through the music that we’re just a bunch of guys who love playing metal. We love playing aggressively and fast. Basically, I’d say it’s a big shot of adrenaline for anyone. If you like ripping solos and screaming and chanting this is the music for you.

Marc: You started Lost Society when you were really young. What were your main influences at that time and what was the key driver to start a band like Lost Society?

Samy: Right about when I started listening to music, when I was about seven or so, I remember that the first song I ever heard, that was a bit heavier, was ‘The Prisoner’ by Iron Maiden. Ever since that time Iron Maiden has been like the biggest thing for me. So right at the time when I formed Lost Society my biggest motivation was to form a band that was as good as Iron Maiden (laughs) which of course is impossible. But that was my main influence at the time. I was just a crazy dude from Finland who wanted to form a band that becomes something. Much to my surprise, after five years, it’s just amazing to see what we have accomplished. I’m pretty grateful.

‘We’re just a bunch of guys who love playing metal.’

Marc: What are your upcoming touring plans?

Samy: I’m stoked to say that we’re gonna hit the road with Exodus in about a month. The album comes out February 12 and then on the 25th we start the tour. It’s gonna be for five weeks. The first half we’re gonna tour UK and Ireland and then after that we’re gonna hit Scandinavia and mainland Europe. That’s the first thing that’s gonna happen after the album will be out. I’m so stoked about it. For the rest of the year it’s all about touring as much as possible, hopefully exploring some new places. It would be awesome to get out to Australia at some time and hopefully we can. At this point in time we still need to work towards it but I think this year we’ll be getting closer at least.

Marc: How did your contract with Nuclear Blast actually happen?

Samy: It’s a cool story. We were at the right time at the right place. At the time before we got signed to anyone we’ve just been doing a lot of band competitions around Finland, just to gain some fans and do some promo. This last competition that we did was the Global Battle of the Bands. Long story short, we were in the finals in Helsinki. They were televised. The song that was televised ended up on YouTube. The video ended up in the hands of the Nuclear Blast guys because a really good buddy of ours, who owns a merchandise shop, he sent it to them. They’ve known each other for a long time. After that it was literally just two weeks. We were just blown away how quickly everything went. It’s really one of those stories that nothing’s impossible.

‘If you like ripping solos and screaming and chanting this is the music for you.’

Marc: It’s good to hear that social media also works in the metal world and not only for Justin Bieber.

Samy: (Laughs) True that. We owe a lot to the whole social media thing nowadays. It’s just such a good way of spreading the word when you’re still a small band. It definitely helped us out a lot.

Marc: How do you work together as a band? How do you write songs?

Samy: Our songwriting process has stayed the same over the years. Basically it’s a must for us that we do everything together because we’ve never really gotten into the idea of one person just making all the songs and then showing them to the others. For us it’s just the four of us at the rehearsal place, a few beers and then we just hang out and play some music, write some new riffs. I think that’s one of the most important things because it’s us four guys. Everyone gets his fair share of own influences into our music to make it more diverse.

Marc: How was the process in the studio regarding production?

Samy: This time around we stuck with our basically fifth member Nino Laurenne. He produced the album again at Sonic Pump Studios. This session was the most chilled out one and had the best atmosphere because we’ve really gotten to know the guy very well. He works really well. I’d say it was really chilled out. We worked of course the hardest that we possibly can. I think the outcome speaks for itself. The album sounds so good this time around again.

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