Lost Society Album Review – ‘Braindead’

Hailing from the land of the thousand lakes are thrash metal newcomers Lost Society. The young guns have stirred up the metal world with their first two releases. Their debut album ‘Fast Loud Death’ and the sophomore record ‘Terror Hungry’ were full of high-speed thrash metal and lots of fun leaving many fans with sore necks. With the new album ‘Braindead’ the band follows up on their successful start to a young career.

‘Braindead’ kicks off with the longest track of the album. ‘I Am The Antidote’ is a mid-tempo thrash number and for Lost Society a rather slow track but that doesn’t mean it lacks heaviness and aggression. The trend from the opener is confirmed with the second track ‘Riot’, again a rather slow song by Lost Society’s standards. It seems the band has matured over the last couple of years. The sound is a lot darker than it used to be. And Samy Elbana, founder, leader and front man of Lost Society, sounds a lot angrier than he used to be when he scream ‘It’s time to riot’. Those two songs show that there is a lot more about Lost Society than ‘just’ ultra-fast riffing in a party mode. The third song ‘Mad Torture’ then proves that the Finns haven’t lost the drive to play at supersonic speed.

The remaining five tracks on ‘Braindead’ meander between these two extremes. So is ‘Hollow Eyes’ a groove-laden heavy hitter with razor-sharp riffs whereas ‘Rage Me Up’ is the fastest composition with a strong punk attitude. ‘Hangover Activator’ is a classic old-school thrash metal headbanger that shine through the brilliant solo fireworks towards the end of the track. ‘Only (My) Death Is Certain’ is a bit of a surprise. The first part of the song is what can be considered as a thrash ballad before the intensity is slowly increased. The band then finishes the album with the short and catchy ‘P.S.T.88’, a happy party track that reaches out to the beginning of the band.

‘Braindead’ is the living testament of a very young band that is in the process of maturing. Darker, more sinister and with a lot more to say, the third album of Lost Society plants the seed for the next phase of their career. The album places Lost Society at the forefront of young thrash bands that are way beyond just copying their idols. ‘Braindead’ is a big step forward for Lost Society. I am sure we will hear lots more from the young Finns.