Corrosion Of Conformity start their Australian tour with a club gig in Brisbane

Corrosion Of Conformity have gone through a lot of changes in their 30-year long band history. Since their second hiatus from 2006 to 2010 the band emerged with the original line-up consisting of Woody Weatherman (guitar), Mike Dean (vocals and bass) and Reed Mullin (drums). They have now released two new records in this line up – the 2012 self-titled album and the recent publication ‘IX’, that is of course the band’s ninth full-length record. For their Australian tour the band had to cope with yet another change. Drummer Reed Mullin had to cancel the tour due to a shoulder injury. Filling in for Mullin during their Australian tour – and probably for the upcoming US tour as well – is former Kylesa drummer Eric Hernandez. This late line-up change was certainly a challenge for the band but they are absolute professionals. The three musicians performed as a true band and Eric Hernandez seemed to fit right in despite the challenging situation.

Corrosion Of ConfirmityCorrosion Of Conformity have also had numerous style changes in their illustrious career. Coming from a hardcore punk background the band changed to a straight metal outfit with thrash metal influences and is now a true crossover band these days. The show at the Crowbar in Brisbane was a testimonial to that. The band played songs from most parts of their back catalogue leaving out only the very early days. The punk sound still came through on that night. C.O.C.’s performance showcased their different influences. These days the band sounds like a heavier version of the 80ies phase of The Cult combined with some punk elements ranging from The Ramones to the Dead Kennedys.

The show at the Crowbar was certainly an unusually small pub gig for C.O.C. A crowd of only 150 dedicated hardcore fans found their way to the Brisbane show. Nevertheless, C.O.C. seemed to enjoy the gig. Especially, Woody Weatherman really seemed to have a great time on guitar. His riffing was sharp and absolutely on the spot. He gave the show the energy and the drive that made the gig a fun time for the audience.

Overall the crowd had a good time and the show was well received. The only negatives about the gig were the sound that at times was too mashed up and the fact that the show was too short. The band played less than 90 minutes and didn’t even come out for an encore. Mike Dean actually announced that they would just play through without the usual getting off the stage, crowd shouting and band then playing the encore. It still left the audience baffled when C.O.C. really didn’t come back on stage to perform a proper encore. So the evening ended with some unfinished business.