The Australian tour of Carcass was highly anticipated after the release of their killer-album Surgical Steel, dubbed by many as the comeback of the year in 2013. Their last Australian tour in 2008 left the crowds wanting more and Carcass certainly delivered last night at The Hifi Bar in Brisbane.

Blessed with a baCarcass 1ck catalogue of 5 classic albums and a new release that gained critical acclaim worldwide, Carcass’s biggest problem is to choose what to play live. They did a great job in covering all phases of the band’s history with a number of songs from the new album Surgical Steel, Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System, The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills and Captive Bolt Pistol among the highlights of the shows. The remainder of the songs spanned from their first album Reek Of Putrefaction to their classic albums Heartwork and Swansong. The absolute highlight of the show was Corporal Jigsaw Quandary. The crowd went absolutely crazy when the first few drum beats started.

Carcass did not only convince every single headbanger at The Hifi Bar with their choice of songs but also with their stage presence and show. Carcass used three projectors throughout the show throwing videos onto three large screens on stage. Fitting to their at times crazy, in-your-face and splatter-influenced lyrics Carcass showed extreme and often disturbing videos ranging from autCarcass 2opsies and surgical operations to dying doves of freedom and pictures of holocaust. This very effective show element kept the stage performance fresh at all times. There was something going on constantly. Extravagant video animations, combined with great songs and perfect musicianship, alternated with high-speed soli and the sometimes confronting but always humorous chats with the crowd by Jeff Walker. The true sense of British humour scattered throughout the show brought a lighter tone to the performance. It is always good not to take yourself too seriously.

Overall Carcass did prove that they are a world-class heavy metal act. Jeff Walker was in full control of the crowd the minute he walked on stage. The performance was incredible and demonstrated that you don’t need a large stage to put on a good stage show. Very effectively used video animations, great songs and a completely mad crowd made it one outstanding metal night.

On another note, the irrational behaviour of the bouncers in the front row was despicable. The crowd were just having fun
with headbanging and crowd surfing. On one occasion one of the crowd surfers was brutally driven out of the venue. This type of behaviour was totally over the top and unreasonable. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anything like this. The Hifi Bar should have a good look at the bouncers and only engage persons that do understand that the crowd is simply having fun. This is metal!

Date: 13.06.2014

Location: The Hifi Bar, Brisbane

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