Kreator Interview with Mille Petrozza

With ‘Gods Of Violence’ Kreator release their 14th studio album. As usual the album is full of energy, power-riffing and dystopian lyrics. However, the band added quite a few new and fresh ideas like orchestration making ‘Gods Of Violence’ one of Kreator’s best albums. And that says a lot for a band that has released some iconic, genre-defining albums. I had the chance to catch up with band leader Mille Petrozza to discuss ‘Gods Of Violence’ and Kreator’s touring plans for 2017.

Marc: Your new album ‘Gods Of Violence’ will be released on Friday, 27 January. The album sounds like a classic Kreator album but with lots of new and fresh influences. What can you tell our readers about the making of ‘Gods Of Violence’?

Mille: I started the songwriting in 2013. The title song came to me very early actually. I recorded demos in 2013 up to the beginning of 2016. Then we got together as a band and arranged the song. We came up with different versions of each and every song. Then we went into the studio and worked with Jens Borgren for two months on the recording. We also came up with some different arrangements and some new ideas like orchestration. It’s been a ride. Now, having the album ready, it almost feels like a relief. I couldn’t wait for the album to be out and finally hear what the fans think.

Stay open-minded and positive even though the world is a fucked-up place.

Marc: Kreator has always been and still is a band that has lots to say. Looking at some of the song titles that hasn’t changed. What are the lyrics about?

Mille: Some of the songs are inspired by current events, others are based on personal experiences. So the inspiration came from different sources. Most of the time it came from reading books, going to the movies, watching ‘Black Mirror’, which is a show on Netflix. The lyrics are very dystopian, very Orwellian, as usual. I wouldn’t say the record has a complete message. I don’t wanna tell the fans what the album is about. I don’t wanna explain the lyrics too much. The lyrics stand for themselves. If you read something in the lyrics or get something out of it I don’t wanna ruin that by telling the fans my interpretations. The general message is to stay open-minded and positive even though the world is a fucked-up place. That sums it up.

Marc: As you already mentioned you start the songwriting process but then it still seems to be a lot of teamwork to put the album together. Has that changed over the years?

Mille: The only thing that has changed is technology. I can use a lot more professional recording devices. If I have an idea I can record a song that almost sounds like on the album with the technology we have these days. But the key is not to use technology too much. I think the main focus is the band. So, you are absolutely right, Kreator is teamwork, Kreator is a band. It’s still old-school at its core but we use modern technology as much as we can because it makes our lives easier. However, we don’t depend on it.

It’s an intimate but more intense experience when we play in Australia.

Marc: You will kick of the tour with shows in Europe followed by a tour in the US. You also have been booked for Wacken, Summerbreeze and Hellfest. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Mille: Coming to Australia (laughs). I think September is scheduled for an Australian tour. We will also play shows in South America, Japan and all around the globe. I am 90% sure that the shows in Australia will go ahead.

Marc: Your last tour in Australia has been very successful. I hope you enjoyed that tour.

Mille: Definitely. Coming to Australia is always a very unique experience for us because we don’t play there that often.

Marc: Australia has a very dedicated metal scene but it is not as big as in Europe so typically bands get to play smaller venues compared to festivals like Wacken. Do you get a closer connection to the fans down under?

Mille: We kind of play mid-size clubs in Australia. We sometimes even play smaller clubs in the US depending on where you are. The good thing about playing in Australia is that everything is organised very well and that the scene is very vibrant. So we get a really nice connection between the metal fans and Kreator. It’s different than playing Wacken of course, playing a big festival we are not e headliner but when we play in Australia we know that people coming to the show wanna see Kreator. So it’s an intimate but more intense experience when we play in Australia.