King Parrot live – smashing the Crowbar on the last date of their Australian tour

Melbourne-based grindcore/thrash metal band King Parrot was in town and a packed Crowbar was the sign of a special gig to happen. After forming in 2010 the band soon became notorious for their energetic, aggressive, in-your-face and hilarious performances. The next step for King Parrot was the release of their debut album ‘Bite Your Head Off’ in 2013. The acclaimed album resulted in a gig at the 2014 Soundwave in Melbourne as well as an invitation to play the prestigious SXSW festival in Texas and a 45-date US tour. King Parrot now played the last of the 10 gigs of their Australian winter tour before they head over to the States again for another 4 months of touring.

King Parrot hit the stage in style and immediately had the crowd on their side. The set did of course include the main body of their first album. Songs like ‘Shit On The Liver’ and ‘Bozo’ went down in a storm. The band around frontman Matt ‘Youngy’ Young was in top form. His aggressive and provocative stage persona is quite outstanding compared to the standard performances of oh-so-many bands. I have to think a long time back until I remember any other performer to spend that much time crowd surfing. King Parrot has a close contact with their fans making the show interactive and exhilarating. Their performance was chaotic as you would want it from an extreme metal show with fans on the stage, stage diving band members of the support acts, Matt Young crowd surfing to the bar at the back of the club and a mad crowd in the pit.

King Parrot LiveKing Parrot has a great future with entertaining shows like that. It seems all band members are prepared to go the extra mile that it takes to succeed. If you don’t know King Parrot yet have a look at their videos on YouTube. Especially videos like ‘Shit On The Liver’ and ‘Dead End’ are so much more than the usual performance videos you get to watch everyday these days; they have a story, are funny and are a good preview of what to expect at a King Parrot show.

The only small flaw of the show was that the band played for just under one hour. So the only thing you would want more from a King Parrot gig is that it lasts longer. This should get fixed once their second album will be out at some stage in 2015.

Now the band is bound for North America once again were they will play another tour in Canada and the US. They also plan to take some time off to finish the song writing for their second album. If you are looking for a metal show that explodes right in your face, is fresh and is different from the ‘normal’ stage performances you see in extreme metal – then King Parrot live on stage should be your pick.