Interview King Parrot’s Matt Young before their last show in Australia for 2014

Since their inception in 2010, Melbourne-based grindcore/thrash metal band King Parrot have risen to international recognition in a short period of time. Their highly energetic, in-your-face, aggressive and at time hilarious performances on stage created a reputation of a force to be reckoned with. It didn’t take long and King Parrot gained international attention as well. UK label Candlelight Records discovered the talented band in 2013 and subsequently released their debut album “Bite Your Head Off” worldwide. The distinctive brand of metal showcased on King Parrot’s debut album was further supported by a number of funny videos among them “Shit On The Liver” and “Dead End”, the band’s own take on the classic Stephen King novel and film “The Shining”.

2014 has shaped to be a very busy and successful year for King Parrot so far.  Extensive Australian summer and winter tours only increased King Parrot’s notoriety. Their success culminated in gigs at Melbourne’s Soundwave Festival, the prestigious SXSW in Texas and a following US tour. The band has just finished their Australian winter tour and headed over to the US again to play another tour there for the rest of the year. With plans to finish the songwriting of their second album and rumours about a complete Soundwave Festival tour early next year, the band seems to be unstoppable.

Just before King Parrot played their last Australian show for 2014 I had the chance to catch up with frontman Matt Young. Check out the video interview below.

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