Killer Be Killed will play their first ever shows at Soundwave

Australia’s Soundwave Festival tour will kick off the metal year in style with a number of top grade bands on the bill. While the festival will be headlined by Slipknot, Soundgarden and Faith No More it will also feature other top stars like Slash, Marylin Manson and Judas Priest. A special welcome should get Killer Be Killed, the supergroup consisting of legendary Max Cavalera, Greg Puciatio (The Dillinger Escape Plan), Troy Sanders (Mastodon) and Dave Elitch (The Mars Volta). The band’s self-titled debut album received raving reviews around the world and had good chart success especially in Australia, the US and Germany.

“I am totally excited about playing Soundwave”

”I am really looking forward to the shows with Killer Be Killed at Soundwave in Australia” says a clearly excited Max Cavalera. “I always had a good time in Australia playing headline shows with Sepultura, Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy but I have never played Soundwave. I am totally excited about playing Soundwave. It will be great fun to see how the new Killer Be Killed material will turn out live.” All band members of Killer Be Killed have an incredibly busy schedule so it’s going to be interesting how the band’s live performance will be. “A week of rehearsals should be enough to prepare. I promise the fans are in for a lot of fun.”

Killer Be Killed Soundwave

Asked about the future of Killer Be Killed Max said, “We are going to play a few summer festivals in Europe and maybe a headliner tour in the US later in the year.” Clearly I wanted to know a bit more about the future plans. “We definitely plan to do another album. Maybe we find some time in 2016. We all really had fun doing the album and we want to do it again”.

Max is a very busy man with his main band Soulfy and the Cavalera Conspiracy project with his brother along his Killer Be Killed engagement. With his brother Igor and Cavalera Conspiracy he has just released a new album a couple of months ago. “Cavalera Conspiracy is always brutal. The new ‘Pandemonium’ album is even more brutal. I think a lot of people were shocked in a positive way when they listened to it for the first time.” The brothers Max and Igor now plan to take the new material on tour in spring and summer 2015 with some potential summer festivals in Europe and a headliner tour in the US. “Cavalera Conspiracy is a lot of fun for me. I love playing music with my brother especially after we didn’t talk for 10 years. We are on good terms now.”

“Touring with Soulfly is always serious business. So far I’m counting 66 countries we have been to.”

Max’s main focus remains firmly on Soulfly though. So I had to ask him about his main band, the new album and any Soulfy touring plans for 2015. “I will record the music in January and the vocals in April. The album will be released in September.” Busy as he is he will then take Soulfly on another world tour. “We are going to do a full world-tour with Soulfly again. Touring with Soulfly is always serious business. We are known for going everywhere. So far I’m counting 66 countries we have been to. We play anything from small clubs in Tennessee to Kazakhstan and even Siberia.”

Max was very upbeat and thrilled about the busy year ahead. Especially the Soundwave shows seem to excite him. The fans at Soundwave will be in for a treat when Killer Be Killed will step onto the stage at Soundwave.

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