Suicide Silence hit iTunes metal and rock charts on #1

Suicide Silence have released their new album ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ on 11th July. Straight away it hit #1 on iTunes rock and metal charts and landed on #20 of the overall iTunes charts. I had the chance to catch up with Suicide Silence’s new vocalist Hernan ‘Eddie’ Hermida.

Suicide Silence InterviewMuch has been written about Suicide Silence since the tragic death of their founding member and vocalist Mitch Lucker. After Mitch Lucker passed away due to injuries he suffered in a motorcycle accident Suicide Silence went into a year of hiatus. In October 2013 the band announced they would continue with new singer Hernan ‘Eddie’ Hermida. Hermida was a long-time friend of the band and had already played live with Suicide Silence at Mitch Lucker’s memorial show “Ending is the Beginning”. At the show they performed ‘Slaves To Substance’ together for the first time. This performance showcased that Eddie Hermida did fit in quite well. Ten months later he then was announced as the new vocalist. “At that time we were already working on new material’, says an obviously happy and hyped Eddie Hermida, who played an integral part in the songwriting and recording process. “We just started jamming. Then we added some old ideas and some lyrics and refined the songs. Everything has really been teamwork.” The result of this process is a very strong fourth album of Suicide Silence (check out the full album review here).

Certainly our conversation touched on the topic of Mitch’s legacy and Eddie’s feelings about performing Suicide Silence’s back catalogue. “I know the songs for a long time.  I grew up with them. Performing these songs feels kinda natural for me.” Overall Eddie seems to be very comfortable in his new role. And who wouldn’t be on day one of a strong release that also seems to become a commercial success. Fans around the world – old and new – seem to embrace Eddie as the man at the helm. In the blogs and forums there is an overwhelming positive feedback. Of course there is also some negative feedback from some fans. There are always these die-hard fans that only accept the original band line-up. But Eddie doesn’t seem to worry too much about it. “I don’t listen to all the negative people. I focus on the positive. There is so much of that out there.” He is especially taken with his first shows with Suicide Silence at the Soundwave festivals in Australia – and particularly his first ever show as a full member of Suicide Silence at the Brisbane Soundwave. “The show in Brisbane was great. We had a very positive feedback. I will be forever grateful for all the love that I received there. We definitely want to go back to Australia soon. We want to play headliner shows there to give our fans more time with us.” When this is going to happen is not quite clear yet. The band just returned to the US after they played some of the major summer festivals in Europe. “We just came back from Europe. We played some major festivals there like Graspop, Donnington, Rock am Ring and Rock im Park. The festivals were major shows for. The shows went very well and were a huge success.”

Eddie is also very happy with the new album. “All the songs on the album are very strong. I particularly like ‘We Have All Had Enough’. This song is a message to all the negative people out there that have a negative view on everything. There is so much more positive stuff out there.” Overall the album comes with some strong messages along the lines of ‘We are strong; we will fight and we will never give up’. The album title “You Can’t Stop Me” is a testimonial to that. “Now I just wanna go out there and play. I don’t care where we play. I just want to play as much as we can”, Eddie is prepared to take this message around the world.

The future seems bright for Suicide Silence. They now have a very strong, new vocalist. Their new album “You Can’t Stop Me” sees them re-appearing in style after the tragic death of their former vocalist. Topping the iTunes rock and metal charts doesn’t happen every day. So the band is really pumped and ready to go. They certainly are to be watched. We can expect a lot more from this outlet.

By Marc Walker