Marduk and Inquisition destroy Brisbane

Right in the middle of the Australian summer and in sweltering heat the dark and evil forces of Inquisition and Marduk brought some coldness to the Australian East coast. The final show of their Australian tour was scheduled for a Sunday night at the Crowbar in Brisbane.

Sunday nights in Brisbane are typically hard nights to play a metal show and it normally gets harder to attract a good crowd the more extreme the music gets. This was certainly not a good sign because there isn’t much more extreme music than the double-header Inquisition and Marduk. Much to my surprise I was delighted to see that this combination seemed to work. The Crowbar was packed with about 250 metal heads. Another surprise was the variety of people at the gig. From old-school metal fan to goth to people you would normally expect in an office rather than at a black metal show the crowd had everything to offer.

And the bands were in for a good party. The crowd seemed to have mission and that mission was to forget about Monday morning and have a blast that night. Inquisition went on stage and immediately the crowd went crazy with a small but violent pit forming instantly. After 26 years of the band’s existence it still amazes me that a two-man band (no pun intended) can produce such a sound on stage. Dagon’s frantic riffing and his gnarly voice in combination with Incubus’s drum attacks certainly did the trick. Both gave all they had in this humid and dark venue and the crowd loved it. The set list contained a few songs of the band’s latest album ‘Obscure Verses of the Multiverse’ and good number of older tracks from various parts of the band’s career. It was a fast-paced set that made the time fly by.

After a short break it was then up to the headlining act to top Inquisition’s performance. When Marduk entered the stage the reaction of the crowd was even more violent and crazy. Right from the start Marduk were in command. The fans eagerly awaited a high-speed black metal onslaught and were not disappointed. Since Marduk’s legendary album ‘Panzer Division Marduk’ in 1999 a lot has changed. The band has become a lot tighter and the sound has become more hi-fi than the typical low-fi sound of black metal bands. Marduk in 2015, in their 25th year of existence, can bring exactly this onto the stage. And so they did. 90 minutes of relentless black metal attack left the crowd happy and wanting more. Kudos to the band for putting on such an energetic show despite the jet lag, heat, humidity and 6 shows across the continent in 7 days.

Marduk have matured and are better than ever. Watch out for their upcoming album ‘Frontschwein’

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