Helloween Gig Review – The Legend Returns to Australia

It‘s 30 years almost to the day since Helloween released their self-titled debut EP and their first full-length album “Walls Of Jericho”. The rest is history. As speed/power metal band of the first hour Helloween have influenced not only hundreds and thousands of bands but also a whole genre. Their followers worldwide are among the most loyal. So it didn’t come as a surprise to see the Max Watt’s packed with fans on a Saturday night.

Opening that night was The Stranger.  Their 30-minute set of progressive rock/metal got a lot attention from their local fans. They played a solid set for an already quite big crowd. Next up where local heroes Dark Symphonica, who gathered a lot of new fans with their progressive metal. Their performance made you look forward to their debut album “Immersion” (release date 4th November).

dark symphonica gig review

Dark Symphonica live at Max Watt’s

Then it was time for the legends themselves. Helloween hit the stage and of course the crowd immediately got into it. After 30 years on the road you might think that the band has slowed down somewhat, but there was no sign of that. Helloween put the show on stage that you would expect from such a band. Every movement on stage, every gesture and every contact with the fans hit the nail on its head. Helloween are certainly well past being a well-rehearsed band. They live and breathe the stuff they do on stage and they love it. This perfection is what separate a lot of bands from the legends of the genre. And Helloween have earned their place among the legends over a long career.
helloween gig review

They also have the back catalogue to support their status as well. The set was a good mixture of songs from the second half of their career like “Are You Metal” and “Steel Tormentor” and old school classics from the 80s. Tracks like “Halloween”, “Keeper Of The Seven Keys” (both played as shortened versions) and “Eagle Fly Free” cannot be left out of a Helloween set. “Future World” and “I Want Out” were the encores.

However, Helloween are not a band that only lives off their ancient fame. They featured their new album “My God-Given Right” – their best in about 15 years – with the title track, “Heroes”, “Lost In America” and “Russian Roule”.  The fans kept on going throughout the new songs and did know every line of the lyrics which just shows how relevant Helloween are in 2015.

helloween gig review

Bottom line is: Helloween played a kick-ass show. After 30 years they are still as relevant as they were in the beginning of their career. And they have fun on stage which is probably why they are still one of the best power metal bands. Supported by a strong back catalogue of classic albums Helloween can always get a crowd going. The only negative of the night was that they left out a lot of the classics I would have loved to see them perform again. But then again I probably would have said that that even if they had played for 3 hours…