Godsmack are back with a solid album

Godsmack is one of those bands that have made it to the top in the US only and strangely never played a bigger role in other parts of the world. Three consecutive number 1 albums, 20 million records sold, 4 platinum awards, 4 Grammy nominations… The list of their successes continues on and on. With their new album ‘1000hp’ the Boston-based band is determined to take their success around the world. “I think you can hear a real hunger in the sound,” says band leader Sully Erna about the new single and title track of the album. “We’re all pretty fired up at the moment, and that extends to taking our music overseas. It’s time to give some real focus to our touring activities outside of North America, and we think this new single will make our intentions clear.”

The new album starts with the track ‘1000hp’. An engine revs up, the drums kick in, a riff tornado starts and the lyrics set in with “Time to rewind/back to 1995”. From this moment on it is clear that the band seems to have a renewed hunger. The sabbatical they took after they finished the touring cycle for their last album obviously has given them some new energy. The song ‘1000hp’ is certainly full of that energy. It will be a great live hymn as well. You can already hear thousands of fans joining in when Sully Erna chants “Turn that shit up louder”.

The remaining 10 songs on ‘1000hp’ keep that energy right up there without beating the same drum over and over. The band plays with different stylistic elements. Most songs stay on the heavier side like the straight rocker ‘What’s Next?’ and the bluesier ‘ Generation Day’. Godsmack also have more to offer than straight hard/heavy rock with tracks like ‘Something Different’ in which the band turns down speed and volume. This gives room for the darker lyrics to shine through. Add some string arrangements to it and you have – yes – something different. ‘Nothing Comes Easy’ is another one of these different songs on ‘1000hp’. It boasts with a dark intro and outro and has an overall darker side to it. In ‘Turning To Stone’ and ‘Life Is Good’ the quartet turns up the volume again to end the album on a high note.

Godsmack do not surprise with any major style changes on ‘1000hp’. The band still skilfully combines hard and heavy riffing with melodic verses and refrains. They walk on this fine line without tipping over to pop metal clichés. The often quoted influences are still valid. Sully Erna still sounds a little bit like James Hetfield. In summary, Godsmack offer another sound, mass-audience compatible heavy rock album. It will for sure bring them again a great success in the US. Let’s see if this album will help them to replicate their domestic successes in other parts of the world. More touring dates outside the US would certainly help.

8 of 10