Are Extinction A.D. the thrash metal newcomers of 2014?

Extinction A.D. formed in Long Island, New York, in 2013. It didn’t take them long to gain the attention of the local scene through their strong live performances and the support of their former fans. Extinction A.D. is an offshoot of the hardcore punk band This Is Hell. Basically the four former members of This Is Hell Rick Jimenez (guitar and vocals), Christian Beale (guitar), Pieter van den Berg (bass) and Mike Sciulara (drums) split from their singer and formed Extinction A.D. as a new band. They now concentrate on thrash metal that is influenced by Slayer, Pantera and Sepultura.

The band has just released their first EP. The record comes with four short thrash metal tracks that hit you right in the face. The EP kicks off with ‘Arsenal Of Freedom’, a mid-tempo thrash metal track that comes with a lot of breaks. The band then gets into second gear with ‘Doomsday Clock’. Both tracks are brutal and aggressive as you would want it from a thrash metal album in 2014. Extinction A.D. reference other thrash legends in these two songs but they take it to their own level. The aggression is so intense that I have to think hard before I come up with any new band in the last few years that can keep it up with these guys. You can clearly hear that Extinction A.D. are not just any new band. They are actually battle-hardened musicians that have played hundreds and hundreds of shows.

The highlight of the EP is the track ‘Mummified’. When the staccato riff sets in and the band gets into overdrive you naturally have to bang your head. The song is so intense that Slayer would have been proud if they had written and released it on any of their albums in the last 20 years. The band then finishes off the EP with the self-titled, last track that doesn’t ease an inch regarding brutality.

The EP makes you want to hear more of these guys and I’m pretty sure that this wasn’t the last we heard from them. Extinction A.D. have released four perfect thrash metal songs that are a lesson in brutality and aggression. There are not many bands out there that can keep up with this kind of intensity these days. The EP has an absolute modern sound (produced by Jay Maas at Getaway Recording) and ticks all the boxes of a great extreme metal recording.

Extinction A.D. have already made an impact on the live scene in the US with support gigs for Unearth, Kvelertak and Oathbreaker to name a few. It seems the guys have matured over the last couple of years. Since departing from This Is Hell their sound has become a lot tighter. So far Extinction A.D. are the most exciting newcomer in the extreme metal scene in 2014. I’m going to hit the repeat button now and hope it won’t be long before we get to hear their first full-length album.

8.5 of 10

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