Enslaved Concert Review: Celebrating Their 25th Anniversary

Wednesday night at Crowbar promised to be an absolute treat for metalheads. Norwegian progressive black metal veterans Enslaved came all the way over from the Western shores of Norway to the East coast of Australia to celebrate their 25th anniversary. To mark the special occasion the band promised to play two sets – one focusing on their earlier, harsher period and the second one concentrating on their later, more progressive work. On top of that the fans got to choose the set list. It is needless to say that a lot of their die-hard fans wouldn’t miss that opportunity and gathered in the little club in the Valley.

Before Enslaved hit the stage for their first set it was up to local favourites Eternal Rest to get the crowd going. The death metal outfit did a great job and played a mean 30-minute set in front of an already pretty decent crowd. Their intensity and brutality received an overwhelmingly positive reaction. Eternal Rest are now off to Europe for a tour throughout various countries. I am sure this opportunity will see them coming back even stronger.

eternal rest

Eternal Rest live at Crowbar

When it was time for Enslaved to kick off their double-set show the club was pretty packed for a Wednesday night. Enslaved didn’t waste any time and ripped into the first song ‘Loke’. I have seen the band several times over the last 20 years and it just is still amazing to see this energy and impeccable musicianship coming to life on stage. Enslaved is one of the few bands that can walk the fine line between an atmosphere of despair and fun on stage. Nothing comes across as staged. The music, the attitude and the interaction with the fans come across as natural as it can be.

enslaved concert review

The tracks from Enslaved’s early period are quite a bit heavier and faster than their later material. Some of the fans appeared to be struck by awe because of the raw aggressiveness that was thrown at them. Maybe they just conserved some energy for what was to be a long night. However, it took the crowd the first couple of songs before they turned Crowbar into the madhouse it is supposed to be.

enslaved concert review

The seven songs of the first set flew by and after a short break Enslaved came back on stage to play their second 60+ minute set. Anyone how thought the intensity would drop because was just plain wrong. The band started the second set with an absolute hammer in form of ‘Roots Of The Mountain’. What followed were six more modern classics of extreme metal. After more than two hours of Enslaved live on stage everyone was convinced that the Norwegian legends are in the top ranks of the Champions League of extreme metal (as if there has ever been a doubt…). You hear and read too often about a show being a not-to-missed event. This time it was actually true. We probably won’t see Enslaved playing two one-hour sets and lots of their old and new classics.


Set List:

Set 1:


Convoy To Nothingness



Slaget I Skogen Bortenfor



Set 2:

Roots Of The Mountain


Return To Yggdrasil

Ethica Odini

The Crossing



As Fire Swept Clean The Earth

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