Drowning Pool Concert Review, Max Watt’s, Brisbane, 28/07/16

Drowning Pool has always been one of those American hardrock/metal bands that had numerous hits in the US but have hardly ever made it big outside of their home country. Additionally, the band seems to attract drama and tragic with lots of controversies around their music and the revolving cast of frontmen. Currently the band appears to have settled down a little with the latest vocalist Jasen Moreno having recorded the last two albums with the band. 2016 marks the 20th anniversary for the band and finally Drowning Pool returned to Australia for their first ever headliner tour and after an absence of fourteen years.

Unfortunately for the band it seems that their huge success of their earlier years has waned a bit. There was only a rather small crowd that gathered at the Max Watt’s in Brisbane. Maybe this was due to the show being on a Thursday night or the latest surge of international bands coming to town or a mixture of all of the above. However, there were only about 300 fans that joined the band that night. I certainly expected the place packed with people.

a breach of silence

A Breach Of Silence live at Max Watt’s, Brisbane, 28/07/16

Local favourites A Breach Of Silence opened the show for Drowning Pool. Their more metalcore-based music that comes with lots of big choruses and plenty of opportunities for the crowd to singalong seems to be the right fit for US-hardrock bands. After Brisbane-based group opened for Sevendust earlier this year it was another opportunity to present themselves to a larger audience. And the band didn’t waste that opportunity. Especially vocalist Rhys Flannery and bassist Blair Layt were working the stage tirelessly. Always animating the fans to join in and shout along A Breach Of Silence have a very dynamic stage presence. They manage to walk the fine line between being heavy and featuring huge melodies. In that form A Breach Of Silence have a bright future ahead.

After a short break the main attraction of the night entered the stage. Right from the very first minute Drowning Pool made clear they were there to treat the fans to a sweat-dripping and fist-pumping rock show. Frontman Jasen Moreno was jumping and running from one side of the stage to the other always interacting with fans and the other band members. His individual show was nothing short of a classic hardrock performance constantly animating the fans. His hard work paid off. The crowd cheered and screamed right from the first track of the show. However, Drowning Pool were more than “just” their frontman that night. The Dallas-based band is battle-hardened through many live performances and that showed.

drowning pool concert review

Drowning Pool live at Max Watt’s, Brisbane, 28/07/16

Musically the band covered all phases of their career with a mixture of old and new hits. Tracks from all phases of the band history were well received. However, there was a slightly stronger reaction to the older tracks. With their performance Drowning Pool did proof that they are an extremely experienced outfit that knows how to blow the roof off a venue. Their show would have certainly deserved a larger crowd. Anyway, the fans, who made their way to the Max Watt’s, weren’t disappointed.