Downfall Of Gaia continue strong run of albums

Downfall Of Gaia have been at the forefront of modern extreme metal with their first two full-length albums ‘Epos’ and ‘Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes’. With their new album ‘Aeon Unveils The Thrones Of Decay’ they now try to cement their place among the most extreme and most avant-gardist metal bands of our time.

‘Aeon Unveils The Thrones Of Decay’ comes with only seven tracks but all tracks other than the two-and-a-half minute interlude ‘Ascending The Throne’ are between 8 and 12 minutes long. Every track is a journey into the dark world of Downfall Of Gaia in itself. Typically the tracks range from violent and evil outbreaks of ultra-fast metal to dark and atmospheric slower doom metal parts. The overarching black metal feeling reeks of despair and decay which seems to be the key lyrical concept behind the songs. The band makes use of the Dion-Boucicault-quote „Men talk of killing time while time quietly kills them” and sets the tone for the remainder of the album.

The music of Downfall Of Gaia demands a lot from the listener and comes across cumbersome at first listen. That hasn’t changed with the new album. If you are prepared to tune into the sound then you can explore the depth of songs. There are a lot of different layers, breaks and vocal nuances in each and every song. The bands new addition, drummer Michael Kadnar, contributes to the overall feeling of an avant-garde metal band.

‘Aeon Unveils The Thrones Of Decay’ marks a turn towards a more melodic approach in the band’s history. This becomes more obvious the more often you listen to the album. Don’t get me wrong, Downfall Of Gaia is still among the most extreme metal bands on this planet. Some of the black metal passages of the album are the most violent I have heard in a long time. Yet the band adds another component to their sound. This new, more experimental feature is best recognizable in ‘Excavated’, the last song of the album.

Downfall Of Gaia have released a solid album with ‘Aeon Unveils The Thrones Of Decay’. Fans of the band will like it as it is the natural progression from the first two albums without changing the sound too much. The record will underpin the band’s status in the world of extreme metal. If the first two albums didn’t make it onto whatever device you use to listen to music, then this won’t either.

8 of 10