Devilment release a strong debut album

It is a rare occasion that you get a debut album that has received as much media attention as Devilment’s ‘The Great And Secret’ before it is even released. However, if you consider that fact the frontman of Devilment is actually Cradle Of Filth’s own Dani Filth, then you know why. Dani has done a great job in raising awareness and interest in his new band. And he doesn’t get tired of calling Devilment a real band and not a project. The future will tell us if that is going to be true. The first remarkable evidence of the band’s creative work is now in front of me.

To make it clear right from the start: Devilment is not a Cradle Of Filth part 2. Anything other than that would have been a joke anyway. Devilment has a distinguished sound and the songs are quite different from Cradle Of Filth. Naturally Dani has not changed his voice and that gives Devilment its trademark sound. On the other hand, the ten songs on ‘The Great And Secret Show’ have their own identity differentiating them not only from Cradle material but also from each other.

The album starts out with two great songs, ‘Summer Arteries’ and ‘Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me’, that both live from driving guitar themes, ominous and eerie. The melodies are catchy but the songs are heavy at the same time. Dani puts his style of vocals over the top of a homogenous sound. The lyrics are creepy and a bit tongue-in-cheek. A perfect way to start ‘The Great And Secret Show’.

‘Girl from Mystery Land’ is then a groovier song that surprises with a violin solo towards the end. ‘The Stake In My Heart’ and ‘Living With The Fungus’ are two songs that include thrash metal riffing and contain influences from Motőrhead. ‘Mother Kali’ changes between the very groovy refrain, the use of the violin again and fast, galloping riffs. Those short descriptions show the variations that Devilment have in their sound. The album stays refreshingly surprising throughout before it finishes with the title track ‘The Great And Secret Show’, another highlight of the album and the most progressive song on the record.

It is hard to find anything negative about the album. The only thing may be that the songs between the two openers and final title track lack a little bit in power compared to these three songs. But that is only the desperate attempt of a critic to find anything to complain about. The musicianship is solid, the sound (produced by Scott Atkins who was also responsible for the last Cradle Of Filth album) is heavy and powerful and Dani is on top of his vocal performance. Devilment have certainly released a good debut album. Time will tell if Devilment will be more than just a side project of a famous metal frontman. If Dani finds enough time amongst his other commitments and if the live show is as cinematic as the video for ‘Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me’, Devilment have real chance to make it.

8 of 10

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