Devildriver & Whitechapel Live Performances Kill

The double-header line-up DevilDriver and Whitechapel has just finished a more than successful US tour with sold-out shows around the country. Fans and critics alike were raving about the performances so I got to The Hifi in Brisbane with high hopes for the night. When I got to the venue I was in for the first surprise. There was a huge crowd outside The Hifi trying to get in. When I finally made my way into the club it was already clear that this was going to be a special night. I have never seen the place that packed, even the upper ranks were open and full of people.

Whitechapel live

Whitechapel Live @ The Hifi, Brisbane


The night started off with another highlight, Brisbane’s own Aversions Crown. The band has just inked a worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast and had their next huge boost as opening act of this highly anticipated power pack. Aversions Crown certainly made good use of this opportunity. The band with three guitar players had a tight stage performance right from the start. The enthusiasm and energy the band has, was clearly showing. With stage performances like that and the support of Nuclear Blast I am sure we will hear a lot more of this sixpiece. The only flaw of the night was that Aversions Crown’s allocated time slot was way too early. Large parts of the crowd were still outside trying to get in. Fans and the band would have deserved to enjoy each other.

‘The band hit the stage and a storm broke loose.’

After this energetic kick off Whitechapel didn’t let the crowd wait too long. And the crowd was ready for it. Shouting ‘Whitechapel, Whitechapel’ during the break seemed to be proof of how excited the crowd was. Then the band hit the stage and a storm broke loose. Lead singer Phil Bozeman had the crowd in his hands right from the start. The minute the first song got out of the amps the crowd got crazy with violent headbanging and crowdsurfing. Whitechapel featured a number of songs from their highly successful (#10 on the US Billboards charts) recent album ‘Our Endless War’. The band unleashed their aggressive deathcore style that is so powerful because of the three guitarists who complement each other perfectly on stage. The highlight of the Whitechapel gig was when Phil Bozeman directed the crowd into a great mosh pit. The crowd eagerly followed and went absolutely nuts.

Devildriver live

Devildriver Live @ The Hifi, Brisbane

‘DevilDriver took the stage like a hurricane.’

Whitechapel had upped the ante. Just when I thought that it couldn’t get more intense DevilDriver took the stage like a hurricane. The band has released a series of highly successful albums that had their fan base growing constantly over the years. Now they were here to put their magic onto their Australian audience. The charismatic frontman Daz Fafara gave all he got in his energetic stage performance. The band performed like a well-oiled machine. Any further words would be a repetition of what I said about Whitechapel with the exemption that everything and everyone got even more extreme. Circle pits formed, fans were shouting and singing along and everybody seemed to have a great time. DevilDriver showed who was the king of the night just because their song choice showed a little bit more variety than Whitechapel’s.

Slightly deaf and sweating but happy, I left the venue after a truly remarkable night. It doesn’t happen too often that you get to see two bands in their absolute prime with another strong up-and-coming band that Aversions Crown is. DevilDriver and Whitechapel turned The Hifi into an absolute madhouse. Both bands are on the forefront of modern extreme metal.