Decapitated’s new death hammer to be released end of September

Polish death metal innovators Decapitated are going to release their new album ‘Blood Mantra’ at the end of September. Composed by band leader Vogg the record will stretch again the boundaries of death metal. Vogg was also responsible for the production of ‘Blood Mantra’ which was recorded at Hertz Studios where Decapitated recorded three of their famous records. ‘It was a sentimental journey’, comments Vogg. He had recorded the albums at Hertz Studios with his brother Vitek who tragically died after a crash of the tour bus in 2007.

Decapitated are full of energy and have big plans for the future. But first things first. Check out the album teaser below. If you want to hear more about the album and Decapitated in general sign up for our free newsletter. The next edition will have the album review and an exclusive interview with Vogg. In the meantime enjoy the preview.

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