Dark Symphonica Played Their Farewell Show

Over the last few years Brisbane’s metal scene has exploded. The number of young, talented bands is incredible. Maybe the reason for this explosion is the exposure to  an increasing number of international bands touring in Australia and giving these bands the opportunity to play on big stages. Maybe these bands leverage off each other. One thing is clear: There are a lot of bands to be watched over the coming months and years. Last Saturday night saw the gathering of four of the finest examples of the local metal scene. Unfortunately, the reason for this gathering was a sad one. Local favourites Dark Symphonica decided to split. The show last Saturday was their farewell show.

Dark Symphonica picked Crowbar to be the venue for their last show. Again the little club in the Valley proofed to be the perfect backdrop. Before the main attraction of the night was to go on stage for their final show Seraphic opened the night. Seraphic is the other (now I suppose main) band of Dark Symphonica’s vocalist Sam Wolstenholme. Her operatic vocals are the trademark of the band. The short 30-minute set showed a band that can walk the fine line between hitting it hard and the quieter, more melodic parts. A special mention has to go to Sam Wolstenholme. Her vocals are among the best I have heard in recent years. Her performance during both sets was brilliant. In that form she is at the same level as international stars like Floor Jansen, Simone Simons and Anette Olzon. Seraphic have just been announced as support for the Queensryche show in Brisbane in October, an event that should give them another boost.


Seraphic opening for Dark Symphonica at Crowbar

Next to hit the stage were Terror Parade, Brisbane’s premier dark metal outfit, and the atmosphere changed to a sinister and ominous vibe. Terror Parade took charge of the venue led by the larger-than-life front-woman Miss Rampage. Her interplay between clean and harsh vocals dominates the sound of the band. The experienced rhythm section and the excellent guitar work were again key ingredients for a successful gig. Besides the tremendous musicianship Terror Parade convinced again with their meticulous show. The costumes, the make-up and the accessories like gas masks, whips and inverted crosses all played their part in an action-packed 30-minute set. On top of that the band presented 3 new tracks and all of them made me look forward to their new EP. The band is now going to take a break from playing shows to focus on recording.

Terror Parade

Terror Parade live at Crowbar

A break from recording took Lavidius. The experienced quintet is currently recording a new album but happily took the opportunity to play the show. Lavidius were the exemption of the night as the only male-fronted band and the heaviest of the pack. The two guitars provided the heavy and groovy backbone of their set. Frontman Nizzy Sheridan screamed and growled and jumped throughout the set which just increased the intensity even more. The band is around since 2008 and that showed on stage. Their show was extremely tight and professional. Even the technical problems in the middle of the show didn’t throw them off track. Once the issue was fixed they got right into it with the same level of aggression as if nothing ever happened. The conclusion is: Watch out for Lavidius’ record. It could hit you hard.


Lavidius hitting it hard

Once Lavidius had cleared the stage it was time for Dark Symphonica’s last hooray. For more than six years the band has been an integral part of the local scene. They had released their debut album just last year and have been nominated for the Queensland Music Awards for a second time earlier this year. Certainly their departure came as a surprise.

dark symphonica concert review

Dark Symphonica playing their farewell show at Crowbar

However, despite some unhappy faces, Dark Symphonica wanted to go out with a bang and that is exactly what they did. It seems that they have gathered all their energy to give their fans one last night to remember. I have seen the band a few times over the years and I can honestly say that this was their best gig. Sometimes the saddest moments create an eruption of creativity and that is exactly what happened. The band played at a level of intensity that was unrivalled that night. If you ever heard or seen Dark Symphonica you know that their impeccable musicianship, the greatness of Sam Woltenholme’s vocals and well-crafted songs are a given. The additional dose of passion and hard work on stage made that night truly remarkable. Farewell Dark Symphonica…

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