Coroner Live @ The Hifi Bar

Coroner live – what a way to start a long weekend. Coroner came all the way over from Switzerland to play their first Australian tour. Despite the fact that the band hasn’t published a new record in 23 years Coroner drew a surprisingly young crowd to the Hifi. Coroner certainly did live up to their reputation as a “technical” thrash metal band. The core of their set was heavily based around their 1991 album Mental Vortex which is widely accepted as their strongest recording. Tracks like Son of Lilith, Devine Step, Semtex Revolution and Sirens were among the highlights of the show. These songs showcased why Coroner is still valid in 2014. Their technical mastery combined with songwriting that crosses borders from classic thrash metal into heavy metal as well as their clearly noticeable jazz and blues influences teaches a lot of young trash 147metal bands a lesson. Thrash metal doesn’t have to be just the replication of songs we heard a million times. Although it was brilliant to hear neck-breaking thrash metal classics from their first two albums R.I.P  and Punishment For Decadence. Overall it was a great show with lots of highlights. Coroner deserves to play in front of larger crowds than the just about 200 on Friday night. Hopefully Coroner will record a new album in the future and will be back to Australia.

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