Cavalera Conspiracy just released their new album ‘Pandemonium’

Cavalera Conspiracy is going into the third round now with the release of their new album ‘Pandemonium’. Too much has been written about the feud between the two Cavalera brothers and the split from Sepultura. I had a chat with Igor Cavalera who was absolutely excited about the new record and the prospect of going on the road in 2015. Here is what Igor had to say about ‘Pandemonium’, touring plans and the creative process between him and his brother Max.

Marc: Your new album ‘Pandemonium’ is going to be released soon. What can you tell me about the new album?

Igor: It’s the third album from Cavalera Conspiracy. I think one of the coolest things about doing Cavalera Conspiracy is that it does reflect what me and Max were thinking in the studio and how we were writing music at that moment. That is quite special for me because Cavalera Conspiracy is really about now rather than something in the past. It really represents me and Max today. We are really proud about how the album turned out to be. It was really fun to make it, but we are also looking forward to doing a lot of work with the album in regards to touring. We are really into it right now.

Marc: You have been asked too many questions about the past anyway. I don’t wanna focus on that. You said the new album represents how you and Max write music now. How do you write music in 2014? What’s different?

Igor: It’s a very, very different process with Cavalera Conspiracy that any other of my bands or projects because we had the idea right from the first record that me and Max exchange a few demos of minimal ideas, riffs and drum beats. Then we go into the studio and we transform those ideas into songs at the same time as we record these songs. In the past we would go into a studios\ and rehearse and make sure that the songs are correct whereas with Cavalera Conspiracy it is really about this first raw energy. As long as we capture that we are really happy with it. Then later on Max adds some vocals and guitar leads and things like that. It’s really about capturing this first feeling when you write a new song.

Marc: How long did that process take you to finish the album?

Igor: Usually it’s around a month. It takes a week to 10 days to record the drums. At the same time we do the drums we record everything live. Then comes all the other stuff, overdubs, Max trying to finish all the lyrics and vocals, then mixing and mastering.

“We transform those ideas into songs at the same time as we record these songs.”

Marc: That’s a very short time. It must be an unbelievably creative outburst when you record an album.

Igor: It is. I have to say that it’s quite challenging because we do focus 100% on doing the record. That’s the only thing we think about, for 24 hours a day, at that time. We go into the studio and do as much as we can, get a little rest and go back to the studio. It is a full-on, 100%-focus thing.

Marc: Who else was part of the production team?

Igor: We had John Grey who is a producer but he worked more as an engineer on this album together with me and Max trying to capture all the sounds and all the ideas. With most of the Cavalera Conspiracy albums the production really comes from me and Max. What we really need is a good engineer to capture all that. John Grey did an amazing job on this one.

Marc: The next step is obviously to go on the road. Can you run me through your upcoming touring plans?

Igor: Right now we are trying to put together a plan. The idea behind this is to get the whole year of 2015 based around touring with Cavalera Conspiracy and then we’ll see how we are going to manage our time in regards to going to places like Australia and also Europe for the festivals. Right now it’s still a bit of an early stage in the planning but the idea is to do as much as possible, even more than we did on the other records.

“The most exciting part is to play those songs live and to go on the road with the record.”

Marc: Will you kick off the touring in the US?

Igor: That’s what we are thinking right now. It seems like we are going to do a run in the US at the beginning of next year and then do the Europe summer festival and then take it from there.

Marc: One of the noticeable changes on ‘Pandemonium’ are Max’s vocals. What instigated that change? Or did it just happen in the creative process?

Igor: There was no bigger plan behind it. That’s the cool thing about it. The whole album itself came out in a very natural way. I think Max’s vocals are very influenced by how we write the songs in the studio and how fast things were going. I would say that his intention of changing the vocals a bit, it’s a bit darker and lower in certain parts, comes from the way we wrote the album.

Marc: The album has a darker atmosphere. Is that the concept behind the lyrics as well?

Igor: When Max started putting together most of the lyrics for the record it was a bit more chaotic. The song titles and the title of the album make references to things that happened in the past, how we lived in chaos and how we live now. Those things really affected how this record came out.

Marc: What do you actually do on the particular day when one of your albums is released? Do you have a routine?

Igor: I have to say it is really weird because sometimes the album comes out so much later than you finished it. It feels like you’re almost used to not having the album. It’s really weird. If you came out of the studio with everything ready to go and then the album would be released right away, I would say that combination would make you a lot more anxious. Usually there is such a gap between when you’re done with the album and then when the album comes out that it doesn’t give me any anxiety. I don’t do any ritual thing. It’s like ‘Finally. It’s coming out.’ It is a bit frustrating I have to say, especially with music moving so fast nowadays. But I also understand that the label wants you to do the best and that takes time to prepare everything for it.

Marc: Are you looking forward to getting back on the road?

Igor: That’s the most important thing in the end. A combination of all these things make an album very special, when people want to talk to you about the album and people want to read about it. I do believe the most exciting part is to play those songs live and to go on the road with the record.

Marc: Are there no shows planned for 2014?

Igor: The year is almost finishing so there is not much time to do anything with Cavalera Conspiracy. There are a lot of other shows with my other project Mix Hell. The main focus for Cavalera Conspiracy is 2015.

Marc: Do you actually have a favourite track on the new record?

Igor: Not yet, right now I’m watching the video [‘Babylonian Pandemonium’] which we just finished. It does make me somehow a bit more connected with the title track of the record. I think my favourites will really come once we come up with the set list and try to play all those songs live.  Then I will have a definite favourite.

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