Blues Pills Album Review ‘Lady In Gold’

Blues Pills have established themselves as one of the very few bands that can cross borders between genres and gets accepted by a wide variety of different crowds. Mainly this is due to the fact that metal label Nuclear Blast took them under their wings and signed them for their debut album. This opened the opportunity to play in front of metal crowds at large festivals. On the other hand it cannot be denied that Blues Pills are a great live band. In fact, if you have ever seen them live you know that this is what the four band members live for. Rarely these days does a young band come across that confidently on stage. So far their relentless touring schedule has taken them around Europe mainly. Blues Pills are out to change that and take their show around the world with their sophomore album ‘Lady In Gold’.

Consequently the album starts with a couple of tracks that are pretty much in line with their debut album. The title track ‘Lady In Gold’ and ‘Little Preacher Boy’ are blues rock tracks that couldn’t be more retro. With that approach Blues Pills have scored a large audience and it seems appropriate to continue on that path. However, as the album evolves so does the music. Especially the influence of soul elements come through stronger and stronger the longer the album runs. Tracks like ‘Rejection’ and ‘Bad Talkers’ combine up-tempo soul without completely leaving the heavy blues rock basis that Blues Pills have become known for. Tracks like ‘I Felt A Change’ and ‘Gone So Long’ feature a more balladesque approach and even venture into some jazzy notes.

‘Mature’ is a word that is often used to describe a developing band. It has been used to the extent that it is merely a cliché. Nevertheless it certainly comes to mind when you listen to ‘Lady In Gold’. Blues Pills are taking the next step in their very promising career. Beyond their core focus on blues rock there are many different elements to this album. There are some heavier passages where the guitar riff is the focus. Then there is the vocal aptitude of Elin Larsson. She again amazes with her voice and the little nuances she brings to the sound. Additionally Dorian Sorriaux’s guitar passages have a lot more diversity than on the debut album. It seems that Blues Pills as a band really did let their imagination run wild when they wrote the songs. The result is an album that takes risks but that also convinces with the youthful attitude of a band that seems to be unstoppable.

‘Lady In Gold’ is more than a strong follow-up to Blues Pills already excellent debut album. The broader diversity of the album will only help to cross more musical and geographical borders. Blues Pills second album sets them up for a career that will continue for many years to come. Whether you are a blues fan, a metalhead or something else, you should give ‘Lady In Gold’ a try because it is just good music.

9 of 10