Perth-based death metal combo BloodKlot release ‘Hantu’ EP

BloodKlot formed in 2009 in Perth. The four-piece consisting of Aaron Mangano (guitar/backing vocals), Shane Harrison (guitar/lead vocals), Luke Parkinson (drums) and their new bass player Pelli didn’t waste any time. In 2011 they released their first official EP ‘The Coagulation’ and followed that up with their first full-length album ‘BloodKlot’ just a year later. Now the up-and-coming band from Western Australia presents their new EP ‘Hantu’.

BloodKlot play old-school death metal but combine it with a few more features from other subgenres. Especially the duel between the vocalists works. While the core of the vocals is based around Shane’s dark death metal growling the backing vocals are a more high-pitched screaming. This gives the four tracks a blackened atmosphere that is fresh and differentiates the band from the hordes of other newcomers in the genre.


The EP starts with a one-minute intro that could be straight from a horror movie with its screams. The band then kicks in this the title track ‘Hantu’ – a mid-tempo death metal track that comes with a groovy middle part with some deathcore influences. The second song ‘Asylum Of Lost Souls’ is another track of a similar structure with even stronger death-/metalcore parts. The band then gets into second gear with the faster and more brutal ‘Fuck Oath To The Durbs’ and finishes off the EP with the highlight ‘Devouring The Dead’ – the fastest track on ‘Hantu’.

‘Hantu’ is a solid recording. The band has energy, the production is brutal and the songs offer more than just the usual death metal massacre. Especially the vocals give BloodKlot their own signature sound. At times I wish the band would push the pedal a little more and play the songs faster.

BloodKlot is a band that has the potential to break out and make it to bigger stages. I hope that they can overcome the tyranny of distance that living in Perth brings with it.

Bloodklot EP Cover Hantu

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