Behemoth New Video ‘Ben Sahar’

Behemoth have just released the fourth video from their last album ‘The Satanist’ in the form of ‘Ben Sahar’. ‘The Satanist’ was on top of many Top-10 album lists in 2014. Now the album shows the staying power many had anticipated. Two years after the release of the record the new video for ‘Ben Sahar’ shows why the album received such great reviews from critics and fans alike.

‘Ben Sahar’ is another visual feast and is the logical continuation from previous videos. ‘Ben Sahar’ was directed by Sturla Vioar, Dariusz Szermanowicz, Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski, with DOP Olafur Kiljan, props and costume designs by Sharon Eman / Toxic Visions, and VFX by Olafur Kiljan.

The complete cast and credits can be found in the video’s YouTube description below.