Aversions Crown present their new album ‘Tyrant’

Hailing from sunny Brisbane in Australia is Nuclear Blast’s latest signing Aversions Crown. The six-piece was founded in Aversions Crown Gig Review2010 and didn’t waste any time to release their debut album ‘Servitude’ in 2011.The band has done some serious miles around Australia and after a tour through Europe got signed by Nuclear Blast in 2014. Their second album and Nuclear Blast debut ‘Tyrant’ was just released on 7 November. On the occasion of the album release Aversions Crown played a show in their hometown as part of their current Australian tour.

Aversions Crown brought their technical deathcore to the stage in front of a small but dedicated crowd in the Crowbar. Right from the start the local heroes had the fans in their hands with their brutal and heavy sound. One of the remarkable features of Aversions Crown is the trio of guitarists playing 8-string guitars. This line-up creates a wall of aggressive riffing in combination with more melodic parts. The three guitarists nailed it on that night. Overall the musicianship in Aversions Crown is excellent. Based on a clockwork-like rhythm section consisting of Jay Coombs (bass) and Jayden Mason (drums) the band creates a dark atmosphere using a technicality that is hard to be found in the deathcore subgenre.

DSC_0083-1Fronted by charismatic vocalist Colin Jeffs, Aversions Crown played songs from both albums, all well received by the crowd. An atmospheric intro set the scene for the relentless onslaught that was to follow. Right from the start the crowd were kicking, shouting and screaming. Aversions Crown had everybody on their feet. I am sure there are quite some sore necks left over after the show. Finishing the set with the opener of their new album ‘Hollow Planet’ presented a view into the future of Aversions Crown

Aversions Crown played an amazing show in this little club. Especially the way the band handled the very limited space on stage was impressive. The band worked like a well-oiled machine making complete use of the small stage. All band members were constantly on the move, dropping backwards to let another band mate take his place in the spotlight just to appear on the other side of the stage. I have seen much more experienced bands with less band members in this hard-to –play club that didn’t handle the situation as well as Aversions Crown did. The reasons why Nuclear Blast signed Aversions Crown were present from the first to the last minute. Well-structured songs, excellent musicians and a commanding stage presence will lead Aversions Crown to much larger stages than that in the Crowbar. I am sure we will hear a lot more from Aversions Crown.