Aversions Crown convince with a solid deathcore album

Nuclear Blast has just snatched up another up-and-coming Australian deathcore band with Aversions Crown. Formed in 2010 and with their self-released debut album ‘Servitude’ released in 2011 Aversions Crown are now trying to make it big with their second full-length album ‘Tyrant’.

‘Hollow Planet’ opens the new album. The track has been around for a while and has proven to be a killer song in Aversions Crown’s live set list. A video from pre-Nuclear Blast times is also out for a while now, so no surprises here. The second song ‘The Glass Sentient’ the kicks in one gear higher. In general, the speed on this album is more in the medium range for a deathcore album. ‘The Glass Sentient’ features everything the oh-so-loved and oh-so-hated deathcore genre uses as trademarks: fast guitar riffs, vocals that range between high-pitched screaming and dark growling and of course the breaks.

So how does ‘Tyrant’ compare to other genre greats? The most notable difference to most other bands in the genre is the fact that the band has three guitarists. Three, low-tuned guitars allow the band to have more variety in the guitar work. This results in more melodic parts than typical for the genre and keeps the album fresh. Vocals are pretty generic for deathcore with the already mentioned screaming and growling. Colin Jeffs strongest part is his charismatic live performance. The rhythm section with bassist Jay Coombs and drummer Jayden Mason delivers precise work that proofs to be the solid foundation a deathcore band needs.

So far, so good. The ten tracks on ‘Tyrant’ do not really surprise and are typically of a similar structure with heavy riffing, rhythmic metalcore parts and breaks in each and every song. The songs lack a bit of recognition value but that might be just me as I find the deathcore genre a bit generic in general. These songs really come to life when they are played on stage with a bunch of maniacs in the pit. Lyrically Aversions Crown stay in the often-used alien theme. The guys are genuinely interested in that topic which shines through when you talk to them.

Bottom line is that Aversions Crown has released a solid deathcore album that should find a lot of friends in the genre. The songs are heavy and brutal as they should be. With the support of Nuclear Blast and further touring overseas Aversions Crown are set to get bigger and bigger. On stage the sixpiece is already very experienced and works like a clockwork. The future is bright for Aversions Crown.

7.5 of 10