At The Gates Concert, Brightside, Brisbane

Melodic death metal veterans At The Gates made their way down under again. They had toured Australia in 2012 when they were still celebrating their reunion. This time around they brought some new material in the form of ‘At War With Reality’, their critically acclaimed 2014 release. The album has been the band’s first release of new tracks in 19 years. So this time around fans could expect not only the classics but also some new stuff.

Unfortunately for Brisbane fans another tour of a major international metal act stopped in the city on a Sunday. It’s always hard to attract large crowds on Sundays and so it was again on this Sunday. When local favourites Chronolyth entered the stage only a few fans had gathered in the Brightside. However, the band didn’t seem to be discouraged in any way and gave it all they got.  Especially vocalist Hamish McSorley made us of the room in front of the stage jumping in among the fans to get the pit going.

at the gates concert review

Chronolyth live at Brightside

Next up were Kyzer Soze with their more brutal version of death metal. By the time the band started the set the club had already filled up so they had a good crowd to work with. Kyzer Soze really got the crowd going for the first time that night. Their set was eagerly awaited by their fans. The result was an immediate reaction of the pit. Kyzer Soze could keep up the intensity throughout their set. Unfortunately, they only had 30 minutes to proof again why they are one of Australia’s premier death metal bands.

at the gates concert review

Kyzer Soze live at Brightside

Then it was time for the legendary At The Gates. As I hadn’t seen them back in Australia in 2012 I was curious whether the band still had the aggression they had in the 90s when I saw them the last time. The band ripped right into the set and Tomas Lindberg seemed to have a ball on stage. He was moving around the tiny stage making the best of the limited room, constantly animating the fans and in close contact with the front row. As second song they already played ‘Slaughter Of The Soul’ and when Lindberg screamed the iconic ‘GOOOO!’ after the first riff this was exactly what the crowd did. People were banging all over the place and the pit got violent for the first time that night. I am pretty sure there were some battered and bruised metal maniacs with sore neck the next morning.

at the gates concert review

From there on At The Gates kept the intensity at this high level. The fans eagerly followed and made that gig one big party. Thumbs up for At The Gates. They played a magnificent show that proofed all disbelievers wrong. At The Gates in 2015 is a force to be reckoned with. They musical prowess and their professionalism makes them still one of the top bands in the genre. Coming from the experience of a major festival show at Knotfest just a week before and going to a small club gig with just 250 fans is a big difference. At The Gates’ attitude was exactly what it should be for a metal act. They were intense and seemed to have a lot of fun. And so did the crowd…